Butler County Lease Offers: County / Date of Offer / Royalty % / Bonus Per Acre / Acreage

ADD YOUR'S BELOW. Please add any additional qualifying info; Section-Township-Range etc.

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Ok Kieth, I will start it off for ya....

Butler Co., Middlesesx Twp, 24 acres.

Feb, 2012 - $3,000/acre surface - 17% w/deductions - standard boilerplate lease - did agree to take out gas storage and warranty of title. Rex.

Sent lease to a lawyer to review - tore it to pieces - landman did not follow up after I said "to lawyer".

July, 2013 - $1,500/acre non surface -15% w/deductions.

Just laughed, and said get real. Actually had a nice discussion spelling out what I might sign for at the minim. Was not going to sign for anything less than what I knew was signed a few miles away . The landman never denied that my numbers were correct as to what had been recently signed. Just said ,maybe , I will be back. Have not seen him yet.

I know for a fact that these numbers have been signed a few miles away. I am in a spot that I believe will be in a unit in a year or 2-3. 

$3,000 non surface, $3,500 surface, - 18% no deductions - I will not sign for anything less and actually believe that may be a bit low.

I have not put an eyeball on the no-deductions clause yet but I can, and I should , and I will.The landman acknowledged that Rex had signed "no deductions" but gave me some mealy mouth BS about a moratorium put on them 2 weeks ago.  Ya right!



Oct 2013 Rex just appeared...offered $1000 acre surface 15% deductions...told him that wasnt the average.   he was a little inteimated with all my scribbles....let the emails begin as I am not signing a lease that i have to wait 6 months for my sign on bonus...the terms were horrible.  Landman said REX has lowered their rates.   Well if I am not getting a well for 2 to 3 years I have time to wait to sign a good lease...no hurry here.


center twp. butler county- signed with swepi about middle of July 2012 for 3,250.00/acre and 18% no deductions.

Xto offered for 30 acres in clearfield township 1000 per upfront and 15% with cost. I am on the fence with so many wells in the area.

I went with swepi for $3,250 / 18% in 2012

Who did you speak with at XTO may I ask?

I do not remember the land mans name. I could not find a card. I do not recommend him. However you may have to deal with him. I ended up having my lawyer (SR Law) get into a fight including going over his head to his bosses. The land man repeated said he could not work with SR law. I ended up signing for 2500 an acre. the Lawyer said she expected to be able to get other leases done and worked out with this guy. I stongly recommend a lawyer. the fact he couldn't work with them was because the land owner protections were to strong. quote from the land man.

Understandable. Not sure why the Landman could not work with him. If you ever need help with leasing or selling or know anyone who does have them try America's Choice Royalty Services. They help landowners in this situation. They have good relationships with the big companies but work for the landowner solely. 

I have acreage in butler county and I was curious who is leasing and what they are paying?

The last I heard it was $1,500 / acre and 15% royalties. It's through Shell, Exxon or Chesapeake and a couple smaller companies. Usually, they contact you first.

thank you

no problem. where is your property located?


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