All things pertaining to Middlesex Twp gas drilling activities or lack thereof.

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Property owners testify at gas hearing

Middlesex drilling ordinance challenge could take years

Winfield Township supervisors delay vote on drilling ordinance

Repost of a few relevant news reports.

For anyone that is interested this is a continuation from the above thread last few pages.

Above pic: GoogleEarth pic of well in question.

Hi FairMktValue! Am I missing the Centennial School being marked on the map above? I think there is another section of schools too (Primary Center, maybe). Thank you for this information.

Yes, the primary  center is about 200-300 yards to west of the high school, centenial school is sort of behind the middle school.

I did not include them because they are farther away and wanted to keep the picture as tight as possible.

Amended Middlesex zoning ordinance in question.

Well the Butler Buzzard is out with a story on last nights hearing.

I have the paper copy and unfortunately cannot link the electronic version because it is a completely pay site. 

Short recap.

Experts claims contested at Middlesex hearing. (headline)

David Carpenter the "Riverkeepers" expert witness testimony was challenged as unreliable. 

"...and Carpenter confirmed, that his testimony in other hearings in courts and elsewhere has been throw out because of flawed methodology used by him."

" admission from Carpenter that he had never visited a well site or toured a natural gas compressor station. .....maintained that his purpose at the hearing was to give opinions as a public health expert."

(italics mine)

Mike Gallagher is the solicitor for the zoning hearing board and the facilitator of the hearing.

"The hearing will resume at 4:30 pm today at the fire hall when Gallagher will give his decision regarding the request to strike Carpenter's testimony."

Middlesex drilling debate rolls on

A couple of interesting quotes:

“It would be unwise and unsafe to allow development of natural gas drilling in over 90 percent of Middlesex, especially in locations in close proximity to schools and residences,” Carpenter testified.

“Pennsylvania has a world-class regulatory framework and enforcement programs that are enabling the safe development of clean-burning natural gas

‘It's unfortunate that some out-of-state activists, who cannot accept these clear facts, continue to peddle an out of the mainstream agenda,” said Windle



250 turn out for Middlesex hearing on challenge to ordinance allowing Rex Energy fracking

Read more: 

Drilling ordinance costs Middlesex more than $35K, so far

Read more:

Middlesex Township residents share views at zoning hearing

Janice Kennedy said 90 percent of township properties have signed gas leases. 
“That ought to explain to you how the people in this township feel,” Kennedy said



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