Is anyone in the group knowledgeable about current events, particularly near Overbrook Road?  What type of unitization is in process for what well?

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Agreed, but really young.  CFO since age 32!

Interesting about the CFO. Where did you hear of that?
Shame on the neighbor. Haven't you spoken with her?

What twp is Weatherburn in?

Weatherburn is in Middlesex Twp., off Denny Road.


hi everyone!   Lets start to get organized.   I can not attend tonight but can someone collect names and emails of supporters.   we need to have a meeting to see where we stand.   if someone knows SR law or Lawyers for Landowners lets see if they can help pro bono.   they will loose their lively hood if this keeps up so we may get some help!   I know Shawn Gatto doesn't do litigation but he may help with advise.    we need something before the 18th meeting.


I am leaving soon for the school board meeting.  I am in Pittsburgh right now and have a bit of a drive.  Let me talk to some people there and see if I can get some things started. We may have to use Facebook to contact people, as much as I don't like having everyone in the world know what is going on.  And older land owners out our way probably don't use Facebook. 


as far as facebook we can set up a group.  I have a couple under my name so I can send specific messages to  one group instead of all my friends.   we will need a place to meet.   my house is out this week but after that will be fine.   should have a speech writing meeting and a sign making meeting.   after the 18th we can have more informative meetings just need to get noticed on the 18th.

I touched base with my State Rep.   He said since the anti frackers lost in the election in many ways they are trying the courts now.   and will have to play out there.

Hello- I'm trying my best to follow what has been going on. Interesting comment. With the timing of the election and the appeal your comment does not exactly seem to make sense.

I had asked my state rep if there was anything that could be done to help the Geyers and he said it had to play out in court at this time.   since the election did not go their way they put it in the courts hands

Just saw your response Denise. You comment still is not accurate since the appeal was filed before the election occurred on 11/4 based on what I am gathering from the papers, etc. that is why I said it did not make sense.

Hopefully, the state rep does not mislead the community like this often. IMHO, I suppose this is why I try to understand the facts.

The School Board really does not have a dog in this fight. They have already rejected the lease offers from Rex. Pretty slick how they slid out of that one claiming title and deed problems. Its a hot potato... they ain't gonna touch it. Likely will claim it has nothing to do with School Board business at this time. It is Middlesex planning and zoning and Supervisors that have the problem now.

That meeting on the 18th will be the interesting one. I might just go for the fireworks. Problem is I do not suffer fools gladly and might  get a bit loud.  LOL

Unless the opposition conjures up some obscure legal mumbo-jumbo that holds water I don't believe Middlesex will cave in.  IMHO

I will attempt to feel out a few people around town that may have a little better read on the possible outcome.


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