Did anyone attend the meeting on 10/14/2014 in Foxburg at the Allegheny Grill? I'm curious as to what everyone thinks about the lease offer that was presented.

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The offer:  $1500 ac. 15% net amount royalty.  Unit size: 1280 ac. 6-yr. initial, 6-yr. auto extension.  No real protection if landowner doesn't want drill pad on property.  Drill pad offer $20,000.  Those are the basics.

So what did you think? Are you going to have their lease reviewed by an independent attorney?

Not for me at this time. They claim to have financial backers interested in the area and that they have 2000 ac. signed in Richland Twp.  The 6 yr. terms they state are because of a lack of transmission infrastructure.

What company is Cx working with on this offer? Thanks

They would not reveal that information.

Ok, is this offer available to all clarion county landowners or just certain townships?

People like myself responded to a mailing announcing their time in Foxburg.  I have no idea how many people were contacted by mail.  They were there from 9-5.

Ok, thanks.

The company hasn't sent out a mailer but I know ACROYALTIES is in the area. 

That seems a little off if they wouldn't disclose who they are working with. 

Not really.  Oft-times the non-disclosure is necessary due to restraints put on by the company making the offer.  Competition among OGM companies is keen.  For example If joint ventures (JV's) are on the horizon between companies that are considering sharing the cost of drilling ... you know that stuff that happens after leasing ... behind the scenes naming of who is involved could drive up costs for both OGM firms, and leave fewer dollars on the table for landowners.  Which would you rather have happen?

CX knows landowners want solid, safe, fair deals.  Knowing the name of the company now may be a want, but it's not a need.  That same company may still be trying to pick off single landowners using bargain basement offers and a lot of sweet talk.  

Of course the name will become available before owners' final John Hancock is needed.

Janice, I know you work with CX, are they working with any companies in other counties that are leasing right now? Mainly, Venango, and Mercer counties?


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