Stone Energy is starting a new well on Bus Mong Ruad. Dozer'excavater and rock truck on site. Also heard EQT has put drilling on hold around here. Heard EQT didnt have a great well on Knightown Rd   Only flowing about 200,000 .Need 1 M to make a profit.

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Drove by today and saw that they had a drilling rig set up on location.
any activity at the stone energy site on bus mong rd ? read in the oil city derrick today the fryburg land group lease is for 10 years.
They are done with the initial drilling.
EQT applied for a permit to drill another well at the Knightown Rd property.
have seen flow increase on the knightown rd. what i understand that it can take 90 days to clean up a well.
Moving the big rig in. Lots of equipment on site.
Do you know what company is drilling the horizontal?
I heard it was union drilling.
Big rig is set up for horizontal. Lots of activity but no drilling yet. Got some pics will post later.
have they finished drilling the stone energy well yet? would like to see the pics.
They are done drilling for now except for a 10" water well. They are now on Ogden road about 1 1/2 mile away. They said they can do 6 wells from this site and saw on E-facts that they have applied for several more permits.
Fracking today and finished well on 338 between Knox and Shippenville. They are putting in a 16" water line yes 16" between their wells. They got permits for 3 more wells on this site and a permit for another not too far away.


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