Any news or update from anyone with eyes on the ground as to the proximity or near completion date of the pipeline connection to the Manziel well pad in Columbiana County?

Thank you!


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Todd, what do you do?

See Manziel location in news article:

Todd, No news here but haven't heard from you in a while.   Great to hear you are BACK !!!!!


Can you believe... This was posted by a different Todd!! I think he may be new to GMS!!

To answer his question, I just own a farm in Hancock County, WV.

Thanks for the shout-out Nancy! Nice to hear from you! :-)

WV Todd

OOPS !   ha ha ......

Thanks, WV Todd. Sounds like your just across the river. And hello Nancy from another Todd down south in Texas. I've been on GMS for a couple of years, but not real active until just recently. It's been a few years since I've been up in that area. I'm sure lots has changed! Thanks for the responses.


HA HA ... Hello Texas Todd !  Sorry for my mistake.  Great to have you here !

Hey Texas Todd,
What township is the Manziel well located in?
WV Todd :-)

Drilling is starting up again.   Drilling rig is at Sevek pad now.  Rumor was they are drilling two additional laterals and will be active in the southern part of Columbiana county for awhile

Nothing going on at Manziel pad 

Chk in the process of selling Ohio leases to Encino. Hopefully the new owners will get the wells on line

Nothing going on at Manziel which is next to Sevek

There was a rig on one of those pads just a couple weeks ago if not still today so said a (non crazy) resident I know who lives there and was excited to see as the rig the unit was drilling involves a lot of his acreage.  they just tied the pads in that area via pipelines finally so these well pads should start delivering in the near future.


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