I have about 20 acres in Virginia Township, Coshocton County, can anyone tell me if there has been any leasing going on here?  If so, what were the terms/rates before or now?  What does the future look like for this county?  Any insight would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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Back in 2012 I was offered $1,500 an acre and 15% royalties for acreage in Adams township.  I decided to  hold out until prices got better (one of many mistakes I have made).  There was also an offer to purchase half of my mineral rights for $1,100 I think.  A couple of landowner groups were formed.  But when the few wells in Coshocton county were poor producers the activity came to a screeching halt.  I have heard that a horizontal Clinton well was drilled and was producing pretty well.   Hope that helps.


      David was lucky not to act and his "mistakes" may turn out to work in his favor.

Take a look at the two links below and you'll see Coshocton County is in the Oil window. If a driller didn't get oil he wasn't trying to get oil. There's no way to know what the O&G companies keep quiet in order to wait for prices to drop. You'll find they don't play fair even when producing from a well.




If this works it could open up points west of the current drilling like Coshocton. This is a total guess but with the companies involved in the JIP I would think the Anadarko Mill Creek well acquired by NGO might be where the studies are being conducted. Total guess though.



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