has anyone else read the email from cx about their newest venture? before xmas they were within 5-6weeks from a lease offer, today they are licensed real estate brokers offering to find a buyer for your ogm's.and you guessed it take money for doing so. maybe more time beatin the streets instead of going to real estate school maybe the offer would have been! imo.,also they moved from the big tent in wexford to the backroom in Bridgeville..


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I received their letter today in the mail.  It is now in the trash.  Hookstown, PA.

Attorneys do not need a real estate license, they are already permitted to do real estate. The sales manager is not only a realtor with 15 yrs experience but is also a licensed broker.  So all it took was some paper work, not real estate school.

Its my belief (I have nothing to do with management) that this is a natural part of the business plan.  In a couple of years, major leasing will be completed as all the promising areas will be leased,  Leasing at that point will be individuals that have had leases expire or some that held out for whatever reason. Large groups, as is their method, will be very rare. So this is being done to ensure a future business.

They have done leases for over 20,000 landowners over the last five years.  Many of them have been approached about selling their rights and asked Cx for help. Seems natural for Cx to pursue the opportunity.

Again, I recommend that people retain their rights.  They will be worth much more over time but in some situations, some people will be better off by cashing in those rights.

enough already what yinz are trying to do is so contradictory to what you came in representing. this just goes to show the email from jack to the oil company and you know what im referring to,is right on track to take peoples ogm rights then sell them for your own profit to your already sleeping partner. I don't want to hear its not me im not in management, then shut up an go away. I so cant wait I will not miss the next opportunity to delete you losers from my life. 2years was way to long. I should of seen the sheister in all yall.


My first reaction was that this is a conflict of interest, but the more I thought about it it makes perfect sense from a business owners perspective. In business you are always looking for the next revenue source. CX is only looking for the next opportunity as their business changes. As we have seen group landowner leasing has all but dried up, those days are long past. I constantly see posts from landowners on GMS looking for a buyer or broker for their mineral rights. As Jim said above, it's a natural progression for CX to move in that direction. No one has to sell their rights if they don't want to and many of us never will. I would never use CX or any of the postcard companies seeking to buy my rights, but that's just me. Jim's comments are spot on if you have any business knowledge at all. JMHO

I ll just post the email and let each individual read it how they see it. i'm not trying to form any ones opinion. I guess my business sense says get out .enough b.s. was fed to me and my business is to remove myself from any more ties with a post card company.

parisites that make a living off of others----move in on people and take as much as they can off of people who are unaware----you find them in livestock-- pets --and in the oil business --- worm your animals  and do not do dealings with someone that wants to live off your land without providing any real service other than lip service

This is likely just an accidental mistake. ( I am not advocating nor discouraging anyone from using CX) I do believe they will promptly correct their webpage if it is called to their attention.

conflict of interest

Does CX Energy have a meeting in Crawford county on Feb 27th?  Any info?

At the Meadville Elk's club.  7:00 - 8:00 pm.  You have the correct date. 

Greg, it IS rather interesting how 'company x' looks at an are & decides that it wants to operate in that area...they contact a company like CX & THEN the fun begins. Out go the postcards & invitations...and then they get a good chunk of any leases signed. Ain't that interesting? - a cut of the pie from BOTH sides - and the landowner is NONE the wiser (until later maybe - they won't hear THAT at any meeting, though...). and THEN on top of that the G/O Co. will skim off 'deductions' off the top of that LITTLE ole' royalty check.... conflict of interest? - let the people decide - haw did YOU come up with that idea?

SAM ORR - shame on you. YOU KNOW just what's going on here. WHY the him-haw? - accidental mistake - shame on you! There are NO 'accidental mistakes' when it comes to ... G/O Co.'s!

As one light lights another, nor grows less - so nobleness enkindles nobleness.

So they're at it again, eh (good ole' CX)?...they get a fat-cat G&O Co. to garner them (fee incurred there - from G&O Co., I believe...?) to getting landowners all 'hot & bothered' salivating over all the 'do, ray, ME' that they can get FOR them (again - for a fee, I believe...?). FEES, fees, $fees$...$$$.

Come one, Come all - hear ye, hear ye...have we got a deal for US (sorry, there...meant to say 'you', friends - little landowner people...h'yuck, h'yuck...hee, hee).

Come on down to your local fire station (pretty good, trustworthy place to make a pitch...). ***LOOK into MERCER Co.***...that's all, their 'reputation' speaks for itself. YOU do your own homework & keep your head (and land & G/O LEASE on YOUR LAND) - in your back pocket, where it belongs - til you know what's up.... You have a good brain - use it.

As one light lights another, nor grows less - so nobleness enkindles nobleness.


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