I'm pretty new to all of this and I think I finally figured out how to post on the Crawford Co. site.  I posted on the 'main' site and found out that the Lippert well is still being flared.  Does anybody have any up to date info on the progress of the Byler and Staab well drilling?  thanx in advance.   mk

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absolutely excellent, Andy.    Thanks, man, great to see actual video let alone a nice healthy flare.   thanks, again.   mark

Andy,   do you have any videos or pics of the Byler well or know what's happening with it?   thanks, tons.   mark

Haven't seen any recent info on the Byler well, but Shell did get new permits for additional laterals, so I'm assuming they found something...

Thanks, Andy!

I really like both the video and the nice easy link to it.  Do you or any of the experts watching have an opinion/estimate on the flow rate?  It looked to me like it was much bigger than the photos I saw of the Lippert well, but that could just be photographic effects. 

Haven't heard anything on the flow rates, Halcon is supposed to have their new investor report out on August 1.  Flares are hard to judge flow rates because you rarely know what the choke size is until the company posts results.  The flare is rather stout when compared to some of the other flares I have seen, I was about 60 or 70 yards away from it when I took the video and the flare stack is roughly 40 ft high, so it is a solid 30 or 40 ft flame out the top.

Can some one please tell me how the Northwest Pa land owners group meeting went last night .

I was not able to go .

I was not able to make it either. Anything going on at all?  I did see they made the Erie news. 

That beautiful Staab flare should help 'light up' Crawford County.................

I heard that info on the Staab well was suppose to be coming out soon.  Has anyone heard any new info on this well.

Aug.  29th............anybody have any updates on either of these two wells ??   thanx.

Talked to Jake he said they flared the well again and are trucking condensate away from the well.

He also told me Shell is going to install pipe from his well to points east .

is that the Byler or the Staab?    thanks, Glenn..


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