Does anyone know where this well will be drilled, an api number, pad name, anything?


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good for john ! i know the guy well deserved he has worked all his life !  

Did they ever get this well finished ?
Wow read on this site Utica well in Greene county with a 73 Million cubic foot ip.

Which well where ? Scott? 

Where is the well at in greene co PA. RMC  WE ARE SPRINGHILL TWP. 

Look at the discussion big Utica well by EQT on this site has all the info. I believe they said it was on Scott's run in Morris township.
This is commen knowledge from Rices 2 nd qtr conference call, but the Briggs Utica has been drilled and fracked. 3rd qtr report in a few months should have info on how good the well is. All people from Greene county should read the rice report, lot of info for our area.

Thanks Lynn I will keep looking for your post on here to see the info.  Greene Co. Rocks 

I hope so I have a interest in that well so excited to get mone

How do I find if a pipeline has been put in around parcels I have mineral rights on? I am a royalty owner, and not a landowner. I don't keep in contact very well with the landowners. Also, how do you know that they are already taking oil and natural gas out from under the ground already? Our parcels are sandwiched in between two wells, and I have been told the one well has begun fracking. Thanks.


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