Just checking to see if anyone is leasing in Guernsey County still?

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I have heard Sierra Buckeye and CHK have visited some landowners to lease.  Maybe CHK is trying to complete a drill unit?  Carizzo bought deep rights in some townships from Artex and Sound Energy.  Recorded end of August. Monroe, Wheeling, Washington, & Londonderry twp.

What TWP are you in?


Hey Jeanette did you ever get paid from shell? Our draft expired so we are gonna wait for the production reports on the Antrim well before we lease again!

yes.  Most people I hear from today have been paid unless their title is not clear.  Good luck.  Hope the production is fantastic!

I know ALOT of people who signed with Shell last Oct. with clear titles who's drafts expired and havent been paid after their "cherrypicking" is over. They may just have to wait now for the O&G co. that's gonna need them to complete their drilling unit to show up at their doors. Quite a few of the original signers will probably be getting a 2nd. bonus payment in 4 yearts, since it'll be hard to drill everywhere they've leased to date. That's probably what the bonus $$$ is really worth, $10,000. When they actually NEED you to compltete a unit, You should have some bargaining power.

Power In numbers is my best guess...Im hoping to band some neighbors together and take it to a O/G co and hopefully make it work out!

good plan!

Faith, If you sit tight & be Patient, Shell has a new land service in town and are presently calling Everyone from the original Gregory Mossers group to re-sign those leases and to get everyone paid. Same lease ,same $$$. Calling and re-signing  one at a time.,if they want to.,even if you had gotten a release! They are in the Edward D Jones Bldg. on Stuebenville ave.

I'am in Westland Township...Anybody leasing there?

I am also in Westland township. just got released from a lease with Mcgonigle a few days ago. haven't heard of anyone else leasing Westland. Sent some info to consol from the add they ran in the Jeff but haven't heard anything back from them.

things are slow for a few reasons. maybe after tomorrow, things will heat up again.


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