I have 350 ac. and a house on Barker rd.  Im leased with Eclipse. The pletcher Pad is 1500' or so east of my house (you cannot see my house from Barker, only from Nevada)  and will be accessed from Nevada rd.   The Rotz Pad will be located off of Barker rd. kind of south of  Lee Hostetler's place up on top of the hill you can see from Barker.  Access for Rotz Well comes off Barker and goes between Hostetler and Yoders houses,  the trees are dotted with blue paint. both wells are to be drilled back to back some time this year.

Blue Racer cut my ROW trees this week,  the ROW comes from the west across Shannon Run then crosses Byler, Moore, Rotz, Mamasis, Rotz, Pletcher then i assume Douglas and Carpenter heading to the Warren A well.

just thought i would start something for us neighbors to talk about. ill be down there tomorrow till monday if anybody would like to talk..  26430 Barker rd........

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I  wonder if the map that you saw was the pipeline gathering lines...instead of the well laterals. Because the direction you say the lateral are laying isn't in sync with the other wells in the area? Just a thought what do you think.....

Because I know that all those wells will be connected for the gathering lines.

Thanks Rob for starting this discussion!  I have property north of Barker and when I received the letter requesting to have my water tested for the Rotz Well, I called the testing company and asked them if I really needed to have it tested. (I was feeling them out...)  She told me to hang on so that she could look at the map, when she came back to the phone, she told me that it would be in my best interest as the laterals were going right under me.   I hope Catt's right ~ Fingers crossed..... :)


Great to hear things are happening in the neighborhood.  I hope everything goes smoothly on these wells and that they are placed in production quickly upon completion. I was looking at the Eclipse presentations that show all the proposed/planned units in the area and it looks my acreage is not included in any of the units.  I am wondering if that is because the surrounding parcels are leased to a lot of different companies (Eclipse, Rex, Rice, Gulfport, Chesapeake).  Hopefully, we will all be included as things progress.

If you hear of either your or the Pletcher pads getting northern legs please let me know.  BTW, you may want to go buy a new wheelbarrow.  You're going to need it to tote around all that money.

Happy New Year,



Ace Pipeline is laying pipe this week on a pipeline that appears to to go from Eldon ,Carpenter Property,

( where there at now) down the bottom toward Quaker up over 513 across Yoker Valley toward Salesville or maybe more toward New Gottegen rd.. Also from the Cemetery at top of Quaker hill looking south appears there's a lot of dirt moved up on the hill like up on Hollander or Off 513. I know there strip mining up there but this appears to be on the North or East side of 513. Is there a well going up there? Maybe Tim Millers Property not sure? Congrats Rob on Well! Oh and both my tracts on Barker are leased with Gulfport.


To answer the questions to the best of my ability..  i know the path for all the gathering lines, i have the maps in my truck.  i am telling you guys what i have look at has both my pad and pletcher pads located at what i would call the furthest "north/west part of the unit.  the legs go south east.  unless i am totally turned around but i dont think so.  Catt, where is your ground at ?


where is your property?  im confused as to how it could be included in my pad, dont get me wrong i hope all of us get included.  by Dale douglas's house ?

David,  lol  i hope i need a front end loader !!

W Moore,

That Ace line will be gathering for the Rotz, Plether, Douglas and there is a forth well in the area but i forget the name.  They are moving fast on it.  they cleared me in a day and a half, 4,125'  of Row.  half field and half timbered.

so with all that said i know eclipse is swapping rex leases in our area they just did Mamasis because he was a Rex island in my unit. I think lots of Rex leases and others between barker and Shannon Run will be traded or bought by eclipse. look at their unit maps on their web site you can see the rough lay outs.  On another note, i just spent 2 1/2 days with six guys trying to shoot a deer on my farm, we saw one doe 350ac.  is the population down like i think? anyone seeing or having good luck hunting?  im very disapointed with the deer population lately...

thanks Guys and girls  lets keep talking..

Deer population is terrible. Very few here. I have three that eat at my bird feeder every evening all does. Rob do have access road from your place onto Barker? I seen the cable is down going up to the cabin/shed high up on the hill are you near there? Looking back Yoder's drive I see a stack of logs but figured it to be Firewood for them. There's been a sign down there a year or so that says live ordinance stay out. This from an old Oxford/ R&F stripping unit? There's an old cistern there right next to the road with an open top. I had a dog go missing a few years back I believe this is what happened to him. There's bones in the bottom of it. Just be cautious if you have dogs.Going to turn bitter cold this week. 4,125' of ROW is pretty aggressive.probably won't waist no time starting on a pad.

Mr Moore,

the gravel drive that goes to Paul Millers house is mine right before the live ordinance sign. my house is 300 ft passed millers down the hill.  i put up the live ord. sign.  i have seen the bones in that pit and have always wanted to cover it.  that cable that is down is passed my drive. that big valley with all the pines i planted is mine.  i agree the deer pop. is very low.  we only take one or two deer from my place but my amish neighbors shoot the rest.....

Rob...do you have access to the ODNR oil and gas well viewer? If you do..... look on there... you will see  how the wells lay out in the area. .....and  the land owners. Look at the positioning of the other wells ....mostly they stay in line with the others. NW/SE  But maybe Eclipse is going to try something new....I am a novice in this, so not sure how your well would go to Douglas Road....this would almost make it go in a west to east direction. There is a place on there you can draw lines on and see the tool you want to use looks like a pen....try it and see what the lay outs look like to you. I appreciate all the great info you are giving us.........I know what you mean about the deer hunting.  we only got a couple this year.

eclipes text me today and wants to talk at 2pm.  i will sort out the lat. direction on this call.  hope they want to start the pad soon.

If Ruben called the water testing people and they said that his property has laterals going under it  then I bet that later they will run NW laterals also... He said his land is north of Barker. The lateral Rob said go SE is probably the first to get drilled.

Rob, have you noticed more coyotes?  I have been wondering if the coyotes are culling the deer.  Up here in Cleveland we have an overpopulation of deer because of no hunting or natural predators. 

There's no doubt coyotes are killing a lot of deer. I be seen them kill fawns a few times. Bobcats are on the rise also and I know they kill fawns as well. Natures vicious cycle.


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