Ascent Resources Utica received one permit in November for the Black Racer well site in Londonderry Township in Guernsey County, and started drilling.

Another eight permits were issued in Guernsey County in December, all to Ascent Resources Utica. Five were for the Hoop well sites in Londonderry Township, and another to the Wagler well, also in Londonderry Township. Two additional permits were for the Shipman wells in Wills Township. Ascent started drilling on all eight permits.

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What does anyone know about the Black Racer well my land is just to the north of it?  Why is it named different than the other wells on the pad?

Has the drilling been completed?  Any information is appreciated.

Yea, if you have land leased in Guernsey county,ohio, you want to be hooked up with Ascent, or Eclipse. They are the one doing the drilling round here.

Great news, and with oil at $64 a barrel for WTI this morning my prediction of $70 or higher oil in 2018 looks less crazy than some tried to convince me of.

What is the going lease rate per acre in Guernsey County either with Antero or Eclipse?

Does anyone know if Eclipse has plans to drill in Madison Township?  

Cant answer that but I know a landowner there that was re-signed by Eclipse for an 8 year lease. Was Gulfport lease that ran out. near Winterset. This was a year ago, and he HAS received his 1st year lease payment.  Eclipse will soon be all drilled out of leased acreage near Salesville, so they will have to move on somewhere. Hopefully Winterset! The State Park may or may not affect their drlling plans. WHY the State doesn't want the $ to lease that 21000 acres is beyond me. 

Thanks Bo. My place is just outside of Winterset also, I signed with Eclipse little over a year ago on a three-year lease.


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