Hello all, I know many had signed lease before me, so i would think Id be hearing about some renewals by now. My 5 years is up in April. Anyone heard of Gulfport holding up to the renewal arrangement, or they just letting them go? Guernsey County Madison Township. 

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I just responded to one of your questions in the Coshocton county area.  It looks like we have acreage in some of the same general areas. 

I have acreage east of Quaker City outside the city limits.  But back in 2013 a company named B3 Minerals signed up a bunch of people in Quaker City, many of which  had less than an acre.  I would have expected that you would have been inundated with offers to lease back in 2012 and 2013.  This was a pretty hot spot after Rex drilled the J. Anderson wells.  I am not trying to offnd, but are you sure you own the mineral rights?  I just would have expected you to have received multiple offers if you were the mineral rights owner.  But then again, maybe companies shied away from the city limits and didn't make a lot of offers there.



Most of the town got leased I think 3 years ago. There has been no talk since then. There is a few with Eclipse leases but alot are with B 3 minerals who was leasing for Antero. So id say you have a few more years to wait it out and see what happens

Thank you everyone for the responses.  Any and all information helps me out. 

Mr. David Cain - I am not offended, like I said any info is very much appreciated.  I did not own these rights then.  The property is in the middle of being settled from a family estate and I am trying to gauge on what properties I want to purchase and which ones I do not.  I am from PA, so I am removed from the situations in Ohio and to be clear, yes I know I wrote that I owned these properties already, technically I do not quite yet, but I didn't want to have to try and explain that all just to ask my questions.  Thanks again for the help, any more info would be great.  Right now I am looking at properties in Guernsey and Coshocton and maybe one in Washington County, but it is in the western side of that county, I think it is Decatur Township.  Do you know is there any activity there at all?   

Thanks Philip - the website link you provided is a tremendous resource to all, especially those of us who do not live in Ohio. It helps to understand where the drilling is and what wells are active and not active. Looks like my two properties are just on the outside of the active drilling area. About 5 miles to far west.

"Close is only good enough in horseshoes, hand grenades and drilling."

Thank you that is a great source of info!!

You can click on a parcel that you are interested in and then click on "Search Auditor Website.

Then you will find out who owns the parcel:

Then you can go to Us Land records and select the state and county that you are interested in: https://www.uslandrecords.com/uslr/UslrApp/index.jsp

Then search for the owners name:

Then you can click on the records, for example the mineral rights for this parcel were separated from the land.

Philip, just wondering, do you search this information for a living?  You know a lot and where to find good info, thank you very much for sharing.  I actually have seen this example you are giving listed for sale before. 

Philip In The example you gave when you say the mineral rights have been separated, do you mean just the mineral or the oil and gas as well? That is another thing I am finding is people are saying mineral and meaning oil and gas as well. When in fact all 3 are separate entities. Thank you.


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