Gulfport Has started working on the well pad on Rt. 22 by Antrim,ohio. Big excavators/Dozers @ work. Limestone being brought in. Dont have to worry about frost laws @ this site! Have'nt heard how many acres the unit is. Did see they were going 10,000 ft. Can't wait to see what comes out oif this hole!

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Yes cant wait since my property is not too far from there off 22!! Will be exciting to see!!

Madison Township next to Washington and Londonderry Twp.  We all will be watching the progress.

What is going on at this site now?  Haven't had an update since Feb. 26.  Is the pad complete and has an equipment been moved on to it?

I will drive past to look at site today.

Thanks I would appreciate that as I own property in Londonderry Twp. which is leased to Gulfport and am interested in what is going on.

Gulfport has stated  that they are going to Drill the 2 wells in harrison co. then move the rig to belmont co. then to guernsey. If they get another rig going, maybe it can come to geurnsey co. otherwise, looks like july before they get those other wells drilled. the permit calls the antrim well a test well. Not sure if it will be re-permitted for production or not later. They have stated that they will be drilling laterals north to south, and east to west to hold more acreage on their pads.  They have a web site and investor site that keeps those interested up to date  on their plans & activities.

Hey Jeanette, I will be heading up around that direction on Sunday for Easter dinner at my sisters.  Where abouts is the drilling site?  I would like to see one for myself.  Thanks.

Could you post some photos of it?

I tried to take a picture, but need to be going west instead of East on SR22.  More white trailers around the platform site.  More trucks and activity seen.  Must take alot of time to set up the area for the rig.

Thanks, keep us posted.

Off SR 22 to your left right before you get to Antrim.  You cannot miss it.

Looks like the pad is done.  Nice road back to it.  Sign at start of road.  Looks all flat and gray.  Do they just use limestone on the pad?  Port of jons.  Then at two corners of pad looks like big green containers.  Bigger than dumpsters.  In center of pad looks like some rectangular metal equipment.  A tall piece of equipment maybe 20-30 foot and green.  Not sure what that is.  Couple trucks and a bulldozer.


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