I see that wells have been approved by ODNR for J Bar J on Oxford Road as well (no pun intended) as Putney Ridge Road. The ODNR sight shows no bottom holes or end points.
Does anyone know what the status is on these wells? Looks like I'm in range of both or either.

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I'm not sure about the one on Putney Ridge, but the J Bar J is right across the road from me. They have been working the last couple weeks preparing the site. Still more to do before they can get the well pad done. Lots of heavy equipment and noise. Today they are paving our section of Oxford and are going to be raising the electric wires on Monday. They are also working on the Coad well, which is also on Oxford, right by Fletcher Cemetery. Both are AEU.

Thanks, Pam.

I was out by the J Bar J site a while back and there were Chesapeake trucks in the area. I thought maybe it was a Chesapeake well. I signed with Chesapeake, so I was  hoping that they were going to run the laterals all the way through Johnson's Mill Road. I'm still curious about why their are no bottom holes or end points on the ODNR site.

Yeah ODNR is pretty slow in getting the information up. If it goes through your property, you will still be included even though you're signed with Chesapeake. We are signed with AEU, but are in the Borton well unit even though it's Eclipse. Hopefully they will get some plat maps for J Bar J up on the website soon.

I looked a little deeper at the ODNR site. It appears that this is a vertical, test well. Hopefully they will find more than what they're looking for and will run some laterals later.

I heard that J Bar J ran into some mineral rights issues with the well that had been planned over by Star Road. Maybe this is the best that they can do until the mineral rights issues are resolved.

Thanks TM. From where did you pull this chart? Looks like the wells are horizontal. Can you post the links associated with "Open browser with map of well" that are on the chart?

It is from the engineers report in the ODNR database. Yes the wells are horizontal. Here is a link below to the location of the wells.


Thanks for the link. Great to know that the wells are horizontal. Now, if only the bottom holes could stretch across Johnsons Mill Road! I'll keep watching the ODNR site.

Thanks again.


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