Ok guys we now have the old site back ,  Lets get some news on Londonderry Twp.. Thanks!!!

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Thanks Bo,

We are north of Rt.22 :(

Hope it is going to be a good one for you!

nc man

Hi Bo,

Hope you're doing well.

Have you heard any rumors of any drilling nw of rt. 22, on the K&R Preservation land?

My brother heard from Ascent (6-8 months ago) to buy his acreage but don't know if he sold to Ascent or not.

I came across another post  where you suggested that another guy ,that was thinking of selling his mineral rights, not sell for less than $15,000 an acre.

Is that the "selling" # you recommend?

Is a lawyer necessary, when you go to sell your rights or can you do this on your own with Ascent?

Just wanted your opinion.

Enjoy the nice weather up there!


Nice weather?  Heck all it does is rain we farmers can not get crops planted and if it keeps up it will not be fun trying to make hay.  

Hey Robert,

Sorry to hear this!

We need the farmers, for sure!

I thought I saw where it was 70 degrees up there but I guess I missed that it was raining! :D

Hope things turn out well for you!


Thanks NC Man and I wish you well too.

NC Man;  Ascent just pulled 4 permits to drill on the bilinovich parcel which is at the corner of Skullfork & Glasgow rd.s Borders Robert Bond and K&R Conservatory. Maybe close to you?

Hey Bo!

Boy you had my heart a racing!

BUT our Section 21, is, nw of this location. :(

But it is getting closer. Maybe?

And we either renew in 2021 and then they drill.

What a jackpot that would be!

Please keep me posted.

Sure appreciate your help and time.


Hi Bo, Could you be kind enough to guess if we are going to get drilled anytime soon at the pebble road, Irish ridge road intersection, Thank you Sir


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