Were any of you in attendance at the meeting with KWGD on Monday at the PLCC. I was there and was totally surprised by the number of people in attendance. What were your thoughts about the meeting? I found it to be very informative.

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Hey Jon,

I was there as well.  This was the second meeting that I have attended for the KWGD group, and both of them had about the same # of people in attendance.  I also found the first one of their meetings that I attended very informative.  I did not stay through all of this one however, I just had a few questions & was able to catch attorney Vaugh when he took a break from speaking & stepped outside the room to get them answered.  Then I signed one of their letters of intent & I got out of there.  Not because I didn't like what they were saying, but rather because they were saying almost exactly the same thing that I heard a few weeks ago at Salt Fork.  Of the 6 - 8 meetings I have been too, I have liked their presentation the best so far & the fact that they are pretty approachable & willing to talk to you one on one is an added bonus.

i have attended both meetings and i feel that attorneys williams and vaughan are very knowledgable and are sincere in their wish to best represent the landowners of their groups.  they have posted some of the articles that they have written about oil and gas leasing issues and they have a link "oil & gas practice, learn more" where there is good information.  they are presently forming their 5th group and have successfully represented four previous groups.  they have written their own lease "from scratch" with no addendums.  it is a very landowner friendly lease.  if you call them for more information they will usually get back to you within 24 hours if not sooner.
What are the costs to join the group? Do they just get a percentage of the bonus or do they receive a cut of the royalties as well?


There are no upfront costs to join the group.  If an individual joins prior to Aug. 1, their fee is 4% of the signing bonus (which is one of the lowest percentages I have heard from any group rep yet).  If the individual waits until after August 1, they said the fee will increase to 5% because they are really trying to have the group formed by the end of July.  I believe they stated that this is the only fee that will be assessed, meaning that they will not receive anything from the royalties a person may receive.  They also said that in a couple of the previous deals that they negotiated, they got the company to pay their fee on top of the signing bonus.  So with this, whatever the deal is negotiated for, that is what you get.  Some groups do not negotiate them that way, so their fee comes out of whatever the deal is signed for.  Also, they only get paid if & when you get paid.  If you back out of the group for any reason (which you have full ability to do up to the point where you have actually signed the contract) then they charge you nothing!

they get 4% of the bonus.  they have been forming group five for quite some time and are about ready to move forward with it.  if you send in the engagement letter after the first of august, it will be 5% but they will still let people join pretty much until the lease goes out for bid.  in the past groups,  any attorney fees have been paid by the successful bidder.  they do not take any thing from the royalty which they negotiate as a gross royalty for the group.  they have a packet that they'll mail to people who call for it.  it has a 4 page letter of explanation which pretty much covers everything.  one thing i like about this group is they take all acerage and fight for it, often resolving title defects.  the only people who have not been paid were people who did not have clear title or own their mineral rights,  had producing wells,  or other unresolvable title/land issues.

Hey Joann,

at least it seems that we heard everything on about the same level. :-)  I know some people like to say that they don't think they can trust attorneys, but for some reason these guys actually helped to put my mind at ease.

as i mentioned previously, i believe they are working for the landowners in their group.  i find them down to earth, friendly and easy to talk to.

So, I am assuming that you have signed the agreement letter with them?  Have you heard anything yet about an approximate number of people/acreage that is in the group so far?  I just signed with them Monday, so I have not received any communications from them yet.

Is your group just for landowners in Guernsey County.

Hi Shirley,

When you say group, do you mean the discussion group here on GoMarcellusShale.com, or the KWGD group.  If you meant the group on GMS.com, this is mainly guernsey county landowners discussing what is going on in our area, but I for one am willing to share with & possibly learn from other individuals that are outside this immediate area.  I feel that the more people talk amongst ourselves to find out what is going on & who may be a reputable company to deal with, the better off we all will be.  If you were meaning the KWGD group, I believe that they represent landowner groups in various areas/counties. 

Thanks, Nelson.

Are there any other attourney groups comparable?


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