Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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I heard they were drilled not fracked Yost wells

My lease renews in December of this year.  I hope these wells are producing by then, if not, would this now be considered HBP?

We are HBP mine is the end of July... heard by end of December to go on line . Let hope sooner
Glad the old site is back. The last one was too complicated to follow. Appears some of the comments from the other site is not on this one. Comments by Bo about Eclipse leasing & Davis Allen Lilly royalty checks. Am I correct or was that posted under a different heading?
Hey was driving around last night and they are moving the rig off the Fineran pad. Anyone know where it's moving too? With eastern Guernsey being a beehive of activity no ones reporting anymore.

We drove around yesterday, too, and saw that.  There is a lot of activity going on at the Law Pad - perhaps it's moving there?  They are also busy on the Mercury Pad.


I don't know where the rig is headed but I did see on the County Engineer's report that the Mercury wells have been permitted on Greenlawn Rd. just north of Quaker City.  It would be nice if they went there next and continued through Millwood from northwest to southeast.

We just came from that way - rig is definitely going up on Law.


I looked at the County Recorder's website - the pooling agreement is there for Law B but not for Law A yet.

Congratulations!  I hope they really go the way the map we have shows for your sake.  Now, they just need to do the Wells Collins Units!!

Have a great weekend!

I sure hope so too!   Thanks Jan

would you put a link of the Law map on here?  haven't found anything on the ODNR site .


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