Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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I couldn't get your link to open a page for me. I will try again later. I know what we have, I am curious as to the other landowners in the units drilled from that pad.

I was given a lease a couple months ago via Eclipse that was terrible. Land man said he would be back for it but never returned. I live On Barker Millwood Twp.most of this road is already leased so I assume there will be a well here one day.

I don't know of anyone who did the best they possibly could by signing the first lease offered to them.

Can anyone confirm they’re receiving royalty payments from the frank Miller unit? I know it was shut in a while back, however, I thought it was back on line.
Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you
We have not received royalties for several months.
Thanks Jan,
We haven’t either but usually we have paperwok included in our check that lists frank miller with no production amounts listed. This last check didn’t have paperwork regarding frank miller at all. Was just wondering if I missed something.
Thank you

Purple hayes was shut down too. I hope we all see a check next week. The tankers have been really moving. Sometimes there is 6 of them lined up, at the gathering station. The flame is so high!! It's been on like that for at least two months. The noise drives me crazy. Sometimes you can feel the vibration on the walls of my house. As much pressure they are releasing, probably could heat 100 houses. 

Been out of the loop for a while. We got papers the other day saying Eclipse has entered in to joint drilling venture with Sequel Energy Group. It says Eclipse will need to partially assign to SEG certain gas and oil lease that we assigned over to Eclipse from Chesapeake. It says they need our written consent. They want us to sign and mail it back in. Does this sound ok? Thoughts?

Sequel is a Denver CO. company with deep pockets. Eclpse must be running out of capital. maybe they should be bringing some of their shut-in wells back on line!

Received my division notice from Eclipse for the Yost and Outlaw Wells this week.
My experience with Eclipse went like this.
My lease was assigned to Eclipse. One of our Wells was a joint venture with carrizo. We did not need to sign anything for carrizo. It was my understanding Eclipse would be the operator of the well. Sounds like in your case Eclipse won’t be the operator, which could be Eclipse now assigning your lease to Sequel. I would not sign any paperwork without a lawyer reviewing the documents.

Absolutely never is this business sign anything w/o a true...O/G atty. reviewing and amending!


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