Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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Thanks Ken, that answers my question.


I saw a map maybe one year or more ago that showed well bores going both ways but as drilled I believe they are only going to the north/northwest.

My place is on Putney Ridge, first place on the south side of the road if you turn west off of 513. The Mercury is catching our acreage that the McClain didn't get.

Received division notice on outlaw unit from Law pad.

Jupiter pad looks ready for the Big Rig!  waterline ran in, sound barrier up,multiple tanks set. Does Eclipse even have a rig running presently  in Guernsey co. ?

I do know they are fracking the outlaw pad, so many sand box trucks going down.  But, they must have everything almost off, hardly any tanker trucks in the last month. Also, the flame is not on, or barely on.  Down on 265, they have 2 cranes, no rig yet. 

Rig is up on the Jupiter well.

  The outlaw well is waiting for a crew to come in and fix a problem so will be back to fracting soon, should be done fracting in two weeks.

Has anyone seen a mapping of the Jupiter well yet?  Hoping it will catch my property an anxious to find out.

I seen the platmap, and the royalty owners list. sorry,but your name isn't there. Jupiter 3h, 1178 acre unit. 5h is permitted also, but no map yet. ODNR oil and gas well viewer. UNLESS, your real name is something else?

Bo, my last name is Pschirer. I used an anonymous when I started on here back in the beginning days when landmen trolled this site gathering intel on us landowners.  Never changed it. I have 140 acres on Sycamore. If you can check it out I would appreciate it a lot!

Those wells on map from Jupiter pad are going nnw. past Putney Ridge,towards I-70.It does look like your land would be included in a well going sse. from there. but nothing on map. That doesn't mean it may not happen in the future. If they want to get all the oil&gas in that area,they'll go both ways from most of those pads. Call em? I don't have their #, but they/Eclipse,may have an answer for you.

Will do Bo, thanks much!

Does anyone know when the Mercury wells will go onto production ?


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