Just heard the entire town of Old Washington just signed a lease with somebody.  True or false?

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I do know the village of Lore City is in process of signing with Eclipse.

as of tuesday,oct. 15th, not true. Eclipse, was courting my son, who has property in old washington,  5 others i have talked to, have never been approched. the eclipse landman will tell you that you are the last one to sign. i would recommend not signing that lease. the enchancement deductions will leave you with nothing but the puny will bonus.

What about the fairgrounds? Have they signed yet?

I've been told the fairgrounds is leased to rice energy.

Wow, thanks Katie... I had no Idea, I live down below the fairgrounds... I signed with Shell in 2011 for 5000 an acre and 20% royalties. Shell flipped all the acres they leased to A.E.P. (American Energy Partners) recently. I hear they are going to develop all they can aggressively. Mark West is negotiating with my lawyer right now for a pipeline R.O.W. on my property... The money keeps on coming...... Thanks Katie  

That is news from last fall. My son has property in OW but rice wasn't interested in it. Eclipse wanted it but had a terrible lease. He wouldn't sign. A month ago others that have OW property hadn't signed anything. I know they are going to drill south of town. Maybe AEP will be interested soon. I know shell had a property close to him.

I guess I need to be filled in about all the news..... What do you know about R.O.W.s.... 

ROW: been there, done that. You said you have a lawyer looking at that.Good move, as it is with every contract/lease. MarkWest has treated us well so far. but that doesn't mean to let your guard down ever. Of course all verbal agreements need to be in writing. Go out to the field with them. Ask questions, be clear on everything. They will want work spaces that are bigger than the ROW. be sure to count them because you get paid for each one. They sometimes can't count well or need more than they say. If there is something you want or don't want, be clear about it. For example, if you don't want a group of trees cut down, besure that is clarified.

Only problems are a tremendous amount of traffic, you will not believe, but it is temporary. you will have to escort your pets to potty break. They started in fall and bad weather hit so the reclaiming isn't done. They will fix your road better than it was before.

Don't be too greedy. They  will go around you .

good advice!   especially the last words.

What would you say is a good number to figure. I talked to a guy in Harrison county who had 3700 ft they needed.. For a 5 pipe ROW they gave him 50 and 40... with 1/2 up front... I have Mary Keith (Shugart) for my lawyer... I am waiting to hear back from her today hopefully. She seems pretty sharp about all this..... Mark West seems eager to get this done as their rep. contacted me yesterday....

mary is the best Lance  you ll be in good hands

Mary was our lawyer on the ROW. She will get all she can for you. What they pay will definitely coincide with their needs. However the prices you mentioned are very good.


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