what is the going rate to allow testing on your property? we just recieved a letter from TGS wanting to run seismic on our property . thanks for any help    S. Keller

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I received a written offer from TGS a couple of weeks ago for $5.00 an acre.  I told them no thanks and have not heard from them since.

5.00 per acre here in Winterset area. 18 month contract , walk on only addendum added . Don't know if it will help or not. Contact agent says they will probably do it starting late September . Everyone has signed by me. Some contacted lawyers first for advice and were given the ok. 

I signed this month for $5 an acre...tgs also...cable only across my driveway

About a year ago, Global Geophysical did an almost identical seismic test program over much of Harrison Co., OH, and paid $10/acre.  Now TGS wants to essentially repeat this testing but is offering only $5/acre.  I told the TGS landman that if the data was worth $10/acre to Global's client, then the same data should be worth $10/acre to TGS's client.  

Considering the extra hassle to me of water testing, livestock control, damage inspection, crop evaluation, attorney review, etc., it's all not worth my time for only $5/acre.

So far, I've heard nothing more from TGS.

So how is everyone doing with this seismic testing person? We have been saying no and they are not understanding that. Today we were in my opinion threatened. They are now saying we will go on a list for not cooperating and will get a certified letter with a 15 day notice to agree. Then it will be a supena. Then court. The first letter was asking permission, but actually that is not an option because they are going to do it anyway.

Blowing smoke out their rear ends. 

My first response would be to shove the barrel of a 12ga as far up their collective rear ends as their heads are . That would be satisfying but not really legal . 

I would contact the State AG's office asap  & document any and all interactions with them, either on paper or video/audio . Record all phone calls as well . If you have a lawyer , consult them asap as well. 

They cannot use your land for testing without your permission . No way , no how. They would just have to under shoot your land . 

Keep us updated & best of luck.

Does it say in the lease that their allowed.  I think that's the key to it Mickey.  If it says they can then they will probably be allowed.  

Understood if it is through their lease, but around me ( Winterset Twp ) , a guy working as a contractor for the seismic testing company went to my bro in laws property first , and he was lead to believe the guy was from the leasing oil company . My Bro in Law didn't ask the right questions . He came to me next , and I did ask . After some hesitation he showed me two pictures of the units they would use and a one paragraph contract good for 18 months . The company he represented is legit but his tactics would make a used car salesman look like a pastor . I sent him away , told him to come back in a few weeks. He did ! Persistent if nothing else , but after talking and doing some snooping I signed . Only 9 acres so they won't be blowing anything up here . 

The lady that called us said that it falls under "exploration" in our lease.

So I would guess the Seismic company is an agent for your leasing company . The guy who came to us is totally independent from our O&G company , Gulfport . 

Is the person doing the testing associated with your O&G lease ? I would double check with them IN WRITING , before letting anyone do anything . 

They have a letter from CHK saying they have permission to do it.  But I'm waiting on a letter from CHK saying so, directly to me .  Tired of all the bullshit stories 

You are exactly right to do it that way. These seismic folks seem to be lower than used car salesmen in Cleveland.


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