Where to start? I own 1.67 acres of mineral rights in Madison Township Guernsey County, my sister owns 1,67 and also as of now the state of Ohio owns 1.67acres which was my sisters prior to bankrupcy which they are going to sell to who knows who.All part of one parcel of land we got when my dad passed. Total 5.010 acres was offered a lease by Shell for 5,000 acre but they didnt pay in time alotted and then recently an offer from Carrizo for 5500 an acre to lease, Problem is i am sure we all have to be in agreement on a lease and dont even know who the third party will be on the other third of the parcel, and i am in no position to buy the other third and my sister is not either. I am really thinking about selling my interest becuase i dont want to deal with all the bull from so many owners and i really could use money now not 10yrs from now, will it be hard to sell with all this going on and what kind of money we talking if i would sell?

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Faith ,where are you located in madison township ? I also own some acreage in madison twp and received a copy of lease from land man on tuesday  . do you know any thing about carrizo ? my ground is on glenview rd

Its Gunn Rd close to Birmingham and i havent heard much good about Carrizo alot of the land around us was leased to Shell some got paid some didnt but it was a very good lease i do know that! Go on Ohio Landowners i ask about Carizzo on there and got mixed reviews

Seems to me this site is for those who singed already they tend to talk among them selfs alot cause their train has already left the station. Not saying all here are like that but for the majority it is what it is!

Not True!.  This site seems to lose people who have signed, or have been put in a drilling unit.  It's more for those who haven't signed yet. Good place to ask all the questions, read a lot of the posts to learn as much as possible so when the landmen do come knocking, you may be smart enough not to be hoodwinked! Plenty of pipelines coming thru too. Those ROWS can net you some cash too!

Now who leases the row the mineral owner or the land owner we own surface to deep on the rights!

Landowner,  I have a friend who didn't own his mineral rights, but they needed to go across his property with a pipeline. So he got paid per foot.  Going rate seems to average $20 pr. ft. I've read on this site, from people kind enough to tell ,from $15.  to $50. 

not enough acres unless you are against a drilling operation.

We will buy your minerals. HBP or free and clear. Mesg me for more details.


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