there is no reply button on your post. nottingham twp. received first royalty check last month, contract was about to expire so they drilled.very pleased with a no deduction lease..

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Seems like Luyster well is moving along pretty steadily. Not sure which phase they are on?
The Hanchin Well just had 2 legs drilled and fracked .

Yeah not sure why the reply button didn't come up. Good to see some activity going on.

who drilled your well in Nottingham?


Curious why no chatter regarding the Cravat Coal, OBOY and Bingo well activity

Gulfport shut in our well pad in Moorefield due to low prices. They may not bring the wells back on line until 2021. That is ...if Gulfport still exists. They are probably headed for bankruptcy/reorg. and after that they will most likely be bought out. Times are tough in the oil patch and no company can make real profits in the Utica without $80 oil and $4.50 nat. gas and we're a long way from there.

Also announced today Southwestern Energy is taking over Montage Resources which was previously Eclipse.

Hi, are any operators leasing in North township?  any new wells in North township?


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