I have 60 acres near tappan lake that i just got released and am now able to lease.

can anyone point me in the right direction on who to contact and what the current leases are offering? signing bonus and percentage??

Thanks for responding

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What township are you in? Sierra may be interested.

Hammer, Which company did you get released from? (If you dont mind me asking)

nathan and poisin ivy,

im in Nottingham twp, and the lease actually expired from the previous landowner and a non shale driller.....

Really wanting to know if anyone out there is currently leasing, or should i wait until someone contacts me?  i hear the signing bonuses are lower than they were, just trying to get some non-biased info if possible.



the  10 remaining  landmen out of the original 35 leasing for Chesapeake were laid off on 5/31/12.  Your property may have become part of a drilling unit of 640 acres and it may not have. You need to check a map and see if your neighbors have leased and see if there is a well staked or proposed. your land may be desperately needed in the future or not needed at all now.

I can at least find out their interest for you. Message me your parcel number, if you wish, and I can find out.

I am in Belmont county about a mile from XTO rig. My lease expired with XTO in June. They were not interested in a renew. I spoke with someone from Hess and he said that our property doesn't fit into their current holdings but wouldn't rule it out. I havn't heard back from him. He did say though they have a lot of money in leased property and won't see any returns until pipelines and midstream producers are in place.



 Pipelines and the MarkWest Fractionation facility should start to be functional in 12 months. Then the Harrison Hub should start to be operational in 2014. Their wait for infrastructure won't be long.

well, it sounds like a waiting game or that the train has left the station???

What about gulfport?/ hess?  or some of the other larger companies?  I dont want to get mixed up with a lease "flipper" , if anyone has any leads let me know, thanks,

BP is leasing in Harrison County.  You can reach their authorized agents at 330-787-4985

hello Hammer Gulfport was about to lease 150 plus acres fom a friend of mine to use in a proposed unit in Somerset Township ,Belmont County ,

Gulfport  backed out and told him they ran out of money to lease any more land for now about a month ago

Many are still waiting to see if Chesapeake pays up the leases they signed in April and May as far as I have heard in the wet gas area of Belmont county .

best of luck ,

Gulfport. Don't know what the terms would be but that looks like it's in their area.


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