Received a letter in the mail from Spectra Energy yesterday informing me they were studying the feasability of a 56.5 mile interstate pipeline extention in our area. The map they enclosed appeared to go from the Scio plant to Clairington down in Monroe county. It said a more detailed letter to follow. It is part of their Ohio Pipeline Energy Network (OPEN) project. Wondered if anyone has heard anything

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Josh, what township are you in? I havent gotten anything yet.

Short Creek, it listed a few others I'll look and also post the map

I superimposed the Harrison county portion of the map above onto a more detailed map, for what it's worth.  I'm not sure how acurate this is because 1) The source map is not very high resolution, and 2) My undersanding from talking to a Spectra landman is that current routing changes slightly overtime as they encounter issues during the survey.  Still, I think it is helpful.

here is the map they sent, the letter says North, Rumley, Archer , Cadiz, and Short Creek in Harrison. Smithfield and Mount Pleasant in Jefferson and Colerain, Richland,Pease, Mead, and York In Belmont and also Switzerland in Monroe Co where it will connect with Texas Eastern existing pipeline. This is the same place that the Rocky Express pipeline from Colorado tied in a few years ago. And it also states a proposed compressor station in Jefferson Co. It says they are proposing to install along "existing energy corridors"

Thanks Josh!

Hey, thats really good info. Thanks for posting the map.

I received the same letter for 3 different parcels that we own between Hirt Road and Foxes Bottom Road in Short Creek Township.  I contacted them today and they will be sending a second mailing tomorrow for right of entry agreements for surveying.  This is the second pipeline that we have been contacted about.  MarkWest also want an easement for pipeline on the norhern part of our acreage.  I would imagine the MarkWest line will also cross your parcel as well Josh.

yes we have been contacted by MarkWest also. We are the farm at the end of foxes bottom on 250.

is that the 30inch line.i got a letter from them for a 36inch line through green and german twp

I called them today and he said it was either 30 or 36 he was not sure. They said that it was still in the planning stages and they were looking at a 1200 ft wide corridor for placement

I know it's "just a pipeline" but be sure all you guys run anything through a mineral rights atty (not a local general practice atty) to specify what the pipeline folks can and cannot do.  It'll be worth the few bucks you have to spend to keep them honest. 


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