Received a letter in the mail from Spectra Energy yesterday informing me they were studying the feasability of a 56.5 mile interstate pipeline extention in our area. The map they enclosed appeared to go from the Scio plant to Clairington down in Monroe county. It said a more detailed letter to follow. It is part of their Ohio Pipeline Energy Network (OPEN) project. Wondered if anyone has heard anything

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Is this a Spectra map?

Jason, yes I found this in an article about the pipeline, looks like they are going way around us on this one. I believe before the pipe was suppose to connect Scio Plant and the come through Cadiz, appears that is not the case now.

Well maybe this is a good thing!!! One less 14 month negotiation to get stressed out over.  We can focus on making Maple Syrup.

That's for sure!

**** UPDATE **** 2014-11-20 ***** I realize this is an old thread, but, the OPEN Project is still alive and just had an Ohio EPA hearing on Tuesday, 2014-11-18, at the Steubenville Ohio Library.

The route has been changed, considerably, and is now projected at 75.8 miles.

According to the Map provided in the presentation Spectra now wants the route to pass through new land (no existing pipeline right-of-ways) crossing TWO (2) known earthquake fault lines, AND appears to place a compressor station on top of one of those fault lines based on overlaying the Spectra Map on top of an ODNR map of the fault lines.

The Spectra application DOES NOT list running their pipeline along existing pipeline ROW's and then continuing on from the processing plant in Harrison County down to their existing pipeline that goes over to the east coast as we from other posts on this thread.

Only eleven (11) people showed up for the hearing plus the two Ohio EPA reps, the court reporter, and Luli Ortiz from WTOV 9 who shot video for the 11pm news that evening.

The meeting started a couple of minutes past 6pm EST and ended at 6:34pm EST.

Commentary/Testimony is still being accepted at the Ohio EPA through close of business on Tuesday November 25, 2014.  (that means they need it IN-HAND by 5pm EST).

By Email:


Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Division of Surface Water

Attn:  Permits Processing Unit

PO Box 1049

Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049

Be sure to reference Ohio EPA ID# 134297

After the meeting I had the opportunity to speak with a couple of reps from Spectra that attended the meeting.  I asked them if they had ever considered choosing a route that used existing pipeline right-of-ways.  They stated they were un-aware of any other pipelines in the area where they might be able to consider that option.  After reading the posts on this thread I have to wonder if either they have not been working for Spectra for any length of time or they would be really good at playing poker.

It looks to me they are putting 2 pipelines in down thru dun glen up over the hill towards the compressor station in colerain. I seen this driviving thru the other day! Does this sound right? 


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