Does anyone know if they are leasing land in Smithfield Township near Adena?

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DPS Penn is still doing work for CHK in Jefferson as far as I know. Prices are somewhere around $2,000/acre and maybe a 17% royalty.
A group is being formed by a Jefferson county attorney(Larry Pergallini) who is representing over 10,000 acres. You need to check and see where the offers are going. You will be pleasantly surprised. This is not a solicitation. Things are getting interesting.
Thanks, I was thinking of calling him anyway to see if he would be starting a group.  It was definately worth the call!!

Is there a scheduled meeting of this group for July 25th? Would like to know any info possible please.



The meeting is July 25th @ 6pm @ St. Florian Hall in Wintersville


Will be there!

Did anyone get to the July 25th meeting at St. Florian?  If yes, please share your thoughts with us about the meeting.  Thank you

I was there Larry. Wow what a turnout! If you'd like you can message me and I can give you some information. Basically Marquette is offering $3700/acre and 17.5% royalty. This not a land group contract so it is not guranteed they will sign everybody in Harrison and Jefferson county. If they want your property then they will pay you these figures. Marquette basically has 120 days to determine this from the date we sign which is tentatively set for Aug. 8th.

You will see offers go up now that the gloves are off and big boys are bidding against each other. If you have property they want you may want to give em' a call.

I am thinking of signing with DPS Penn for $3800 + 17.5% royalty, guys I work with have said that the bonus will keep going up until the end of year and I should not sign yet. I know that last year some people in my area signed for $200.00 per acre and wish they would have waited, would it be wise to think that I may be able to get $5000. per acre in a few months if I hold off on signing? I only have 38 acres to lease.

I have another question about the groups being organized in the area, is it true that the lawyers actually work for the gas companies? 

Did you get an actual offer on paper for $3800 + 17.5% gross royalty?  Did DPS put a maximum acreage amount on the unit size?  I presume you have to use DPS lease form with addendum.  I am a lawyer who has represented large numbers of landowners in groups and I do not work for the gas company.  Ask directly any lawyer that you suspect is working directly or doing other work for the gas company, if he is and trying to lease your land to the same co, that is a major conflict and he can lose his license.

I would rather have allowed Michael Jackson to watch my kids than get in bed w/Larry Pergallini. That guy is the master of playing both sides. If the OBA knew
I have not signed the lease yet, was thinking of waiting a couple more weeks to see where it goes, then I may sign. I was told they are looking at around 1000-1200 acre units but never stated a max. I only asked about the lawyers because I did not know but was told that some of these guys are collecting from both sides, % from the land owners that the represent and then a bonus from the drilling companies that they sign people up to join. I figure it is best to ask questions when I don't know the answer.


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