Does anyone know if they are leasing land in Smithfield Township near Adena?

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Have a $4,850/ac , 19% gross lease offer on the table.

Great Don!  Which company and how many acres??

Was the $4850 in writing on your contract?  They did not put an amount in ours.

As you do your lease ensure that the actual acreage is on the lease.  CHK rounded my partial acreage off to the next lowest whole number on two different parcels.  They corrected it when I bought it to their attention.  If they did this to everybody it would amount to a substantial numbers of acres to CHK's advantage.   

I own land in Smithfield Township also.  I signed a lease and then asked if I would have a copy of the lease.  I was told yes, and then he wrote down my PO Box.  It's been 3 months and I haven't seen a lease or any money.  Everyone else I talk to received a copy of the lease at signing.  How long does all this take?  I'm feeling very skeptical. 

They should have gave you a copy when you signed.  Who did you sign with?  You should call and try and get a copy of the lease.  It can take a little longer than 3 months because alot of times it is 90 business days or 120 days - so it's not always really 3 months.  There was alot of holidays in there over the last few months also. 

My husband set everything up.  He said it was with Hess out of Texas. He had already signed the contract and I went there and signed after I left work that same day.  I had an appointment to make and so I felt alittle rushed.  I wish I had more time to take care of this.

Hess St. Clairsville office - 740-695-1209.  The lady is very helpful that answers the phone.  This is who we signed with also.  If you signed with Piergallini and said you wanted the money in 2012 instead of 11 they have until Jan. 15. to get it to you.

I met with a rep. in Steubenville.  I'll wait and see what happens.  Thanks for the number.


You all might want to see this!

"The Columbus Dispatch reports ( ) that the city manager says Steubenville in eastern Ohio will see a one-time $590,000 payday from a $5,400-an-acre agreement with an oil company. It also stands to receive a 19 percent royalty on gas or oil extracted from the 110-acre site involved.

Thanks for sharing that.  If anyone deserves to benifit from this oil/gas rush it's the school children.  From preschool to a Master's degree, they can't go wrong giving it Ohio schools.  Hope they have a good treasurer and lawyer. Good subject to watch in the future. 

We have 80 acres we just signed a amendment with Hess they are going to sell it to AEP


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