Cimarex Energy's "Rogersville Shale" Production Estimates? Average 100 BOED/1000' Horizontal Lateral per zone 50/50 Oil/Gas

Production rumored by some to be slightly over 2000 bod for each of 3 zones which is crazy high and multiple industry estimates come in at slightly over 2100 bod for 2 of 3 zones tested which fits well with observations of two rounds of flare tests conducted over two two week periods with a day or two between the two rounds of flares. Industry estimates on the photos of the flare below were 4-10 mmcfd and daylight observers indicated it was smoky flare indicating wet gas. 

Based on the two large flow tanks and no more than 15 frac tanks (from pad photos) on the site there would have been no where to store the large oil flows during the tests so that leaves us with the assumption that the rumored flows were estimates based on chokes and some theoretical number of feet of lateral in a horizontal well.


Should these numbers hold up, even If we cut these flow rates in half leaving a net 2000 to 2300 and use BOED in lieu of BOD, this is definitely shaping up to be a world class play.

Regardless of how they are calculating the flows is does seem like the Rogersville Shale will definitely be a game changer for Eastern Kentucky and maybe the whole Country.

Using 6 mcf=1 bbl oil

revised based on  the equivalent of 3 tested zones average roughly 250' apart with  2 zones  productive 

Based on the strange completion report as filed with only 64' of wellbore perforation spread over a  576' vertical section with no natural shows at all, a horizontal well with typical 200' frac spacings could be expected to produce about an average of 100 BOED per thousand feet of lateral for each of two flared zones.  with 50% being oil and balance in  gas. no way to define the split for  the zones but these guys like to stack and stagger laterals up to 10,000' in length in other plays and could account for the non typical completion report 

For Comparison the EQT/HTEC horizontal well was permitted  with 4,335' of lateral beyond landing point, at this location could be expected to make at least  412 BOED or 206 BOD and  1.24 MMCFD. with the assumption that both flared zones produced equal flows

we simply can not tell from which zone or the zone specific oil/gas ratio produced

Keep in mind this was a science well (core well) which was converted to flow test the formation as required by law, not a development well.

That comes Next.   possibly with some other strange terms like Rogersville A.B,C or D 

For a comparison of Rogersville to the Wolfcamp A both  are at or near 50/50 Oil/Gas Ratio and drilling depths are almost identical as well as upper intervals of both are more  oily

Wolfcamp A does 169 BOED/1000' of lateral with 47% Oil on 250' frac spacing 7500' lateral

Rogersville equivalent is 152 BOED/1000' lateral 50% Oil from 2 combined productive zones without  any way of determining which  zone is the best or whether the two can be produced  from the same lateral

The Kentucky definition of an Oil  Well is a  well with at least 1bbl Oil per 10mcf of gas this well under the Ky definition produces 60% Oil and 40% Gas

Completion Report

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I think technology is going to make a lot of plays viable for the U.S. in the near future.  Glad to hear about the Rogersville.  Where (city/county) is this well located?  I have read there is a well is being tested in Putnam county, WVA also in the Rogersville.  Are you following that one as well?



Above, Daylight Photo some 5 days After the Night Photo, Exhibits Sooty Flame Indicating Liquids Rich Gas

Below, Double Flare with Obvious Sooty Cloud and Smoked up Flare Stack Visible Even Against Foliage in Background The Small Flare is venting Liquid Tanks on the Pad.

  good pictures

Thanks ,I am a XEC shareholder , I get more info from this site than from the company . Joe 

Cimarex Energy's David Witter (Chief Geologist, Cimarex Energy) will be at the Rogersville Shale & Berea Sandstone Workshop Tomorrow May 16, 2015 20 bucks for Non Naro Members.  

As far as I know this is the first public acknowledgement that Cimarex is involved in the Rogersville Play.

I would love to go , but NY is a bit too far on such short notice . Are you going ? 

 IRONFARMER , send me a PM if you wish , there is a small company that has land in the region that can be invested in . 

 Thanks , Joe 

Did anyone get to the conference today ? 

Wish I had known of this earlier as I could have been there.

Anyone who attended have anything to report?

Link to Ky Geological Survey (UK) presentation at conference.


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