Cimarex Energy XEC to Hold Town Hall Meeting About Their Next "Rogersville Shale" Deep Well Tuesday August 2nd 7:30pm at the Lawrence County Ky. Extension Office

Cimarex/Bruin is scheduled to have a townhall-information meeting Tuesday August 2nd @7:30pm at the Lawrence Co. Extension Office in Louisa Ky.  They will discuss the drilling of their next "Rogersville Shale" deep well.

Well costs for new Rogersville Shale Well in relation to company cash flow, these guys are putting their money behind what they say.  They are holding a webcast today for anyone wishing to follow it. 

Conference call and webcast

Cimarex will host a conference call Thursday, August 4, at 11:00 a.m. EDT. The call will be webcast and accessible on the company's website at To participate in the live, interactive call, please dial 866-367-3053 five minutes before the scheduled start time (international callers dial 1-412-902-4216).  The replay will be available on the Cimarex website or via the Cimarex App.

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Anyone on here attend this meeting tonight?

Yes. Sixty or so people were there. It was a good informative meeting. I think these folks are wise in keeping the public informed about their activities.

Will there be a new well drilled , if so where and when . 

 Thanks in advance for a reply . 

Start today, 3 August, close to Chapman.

Anything else discussed?

They presented a full layout of their plans for the Walbridige1H well. Lasted a couple hrs. $12M well plus another $1M if successful for pipeline to Columbia .Specific question?, I'll answer if can.

Mr. Workman

Thanks for the info.

Is the well a 10,000' vertical depth - roughly?

Did you get a sense that the company was optimistic about the potential of the Rodgersville?

Best of luck to you all.

I think I read somewhere it's to be about 18K but normal Rogersville is about 14K. I'll double check. I think they're optimistic to spend $12M and show production in their timeline. As usual everything depends on oil/gas price but sooner or later I look for a boom.


I'm curious as to whether they discussed specific location to tie to Columbia.  More specifically are they planning a tie to Columbia Gulf or Columbia Gas P/L.  The delineation point between the two systems is Leach, KY.  My suspicion is they are going to Columbia Gas which is marginally closer.  

Would be great if you can add a note when they lay the rig down.  I'm curious how many drill days are required to drill this well.  Very much appreciate the info Larry.

They said pipeline would cost $1M to tie into Col.'s "wet" line.?? Doubt I'll be around to see when drilling starts/stops but sure I'll find out from someone.


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