It seems several landowners around me have signed leases that forbid drilling on their land. The receive greater signing bonuses and similar royalties. What is the advantage of allowing drilling?

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Who is providing theses landowners wtih bonuses to forbid drilling on their land? Sounds like maybe Farm/land management?? I would be very interested in signing a forbil drilling lease.

The only problem is, if your neighbors sign drilling leases with the gas company, it will still ruin the water and air quality in your general area. I still worry about the livestock, natural wildlife, creeks, streams, rivers and the quality of human life too. Does anyone have drilling on their property or close to their property to say otherwise? I would love to hear some positive effects of this gas drilling.....if there is such a thing.

We have had wells on our land for years.  No ill effects. In fact the deer love any residue around the wells as it is a good source of salts and other minerals.  Our land has had coal removed and oil and gas wells.  Before mining we used to have coal seam runoff occur naturally, now, since they used inert fly ash to seal it off we have better water in some incidents.The land is now far better landsacped than we could ever hope.  We have more low level vegetaion and now more deer, etc.  We raise crops and plant specialty foods for different animal groups.  We also run 50 - 100 cattle.  Since our pastures are not so interupted by ravines, etc we now raise more cattle on less acreage.  If we at any point would like to sell the land it would make a good housing development indeed since we have more level and less steep areas. Also  have three ponds teeming with fish.  Don't believe the militants.

Dan,  In Ohio a large number of land owners signed contracts that had a "Spud Fee" of a given amount of money for allowing a well on their property. When a well is dug, and each time the drillers return to a well to Frack, the Spud Fee amont is paid to the landowner. I have seen a lease with a $30,000 Spud Fee. This amount of money makes it a plus to have a well on your property. Everyone has an opinion of how much it would take to allow a well on their property. Those that don't have a price will ask for a clause that doesn't allow drilling on their property. 

If you force the driller to flatten out a piece of your property, you end up with some flat land.  It's right next to a well, but it's better than nothing.  And like Ron Hale said, you can negotiate for money in exchange for the right to drill on your land.  Just make sure you take pictures before, during, and after.  Also make sure you get a water sample done before any activity happens on or within a few miles of your property.  That way you have a baseline for what things were like before development.

Royalty Monies every month for the length of the well life. Helping us get off foreign oil, bonus money for the paid up lease. It will not ruin water or air pollution, if we the people of the USA was worried about air pollution  then we would have to stop China and Russia from polluting the air, we all live in the same world. on water issues, have a water testing clause put in your lease and do your research on the company that has offered you the lease.


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