Jefferson Mcghee:

I was on Pew Road yesterday, it appears that Hilcorp is well on their way for the construction of this site.  The access road appears to be very steep, but this may just be a temporary entrance road.  The site sign is posted down by the intersection of the existing pipeline ROW and Pew Road.  Looks like the are moving lots of ground.  

I find it also interesting that there are 7 well permits for the site (1 issued and 6 pending).  I wonder what their plans are for this site?  

Also, I see that Hilcorp has a new location in the works for the Jefferson Montgomery site.  To my knowledge this is a newly submitted site.  

Jefferson Montgomery:

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Any ideas out there where the Montgomery site is to be?

My sources tell me west of Steister Road, east of Seidle in that field.  That is also right about the point the pennant line ends (or I guess begins).

Confirms what I heard also. The Jefferson Montgomery site is a facility permit, not a well permit. The McGhee well on Pew Rd is not far from this.

Tyler nice map. I think there is an existing pipeline there that crosses Rt. 258 near the sharp bend near Grapevine Hill Road. Pennant must be co-locating in the same ROW.

The property owner tells me that Hillcorp is planning 12 wells for this site.

That is pretty impressive.  I have seen pads with 4 to 8 wells on them before, but not 12!  Yikes!

The seven permitted laterals for Hilcorp's Jefferson McGhee well run in an east-west direction, where most all other wells are drilled in a northwest-southeast direction.   Kind of interesting I thought. Two of them have the deepest penetration in the Point Pleasant, other five are in the Trenton formation.

I'll try to attach a map I made showing the laterals.

That's great, thanks!

Bruce H:Thanks for the information about " Hilcorp Mc Ghee..." but more importantly for the attachment with the permitted wells in Mercer County.

As a follow up to Bruce's map, see the attached map with the locations of the top and bottom holes from the well permits (information was gathered from well permit plats)

Everyone- great information! It's interesting to see the bore directions on these wells, especially McGhee. Hilcorp knows something we don't.



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