I have 75 acres off of 258 in Jefferson Township near Lamor Road and have been offered 3000 an acre and 17% from Hilcorp. I don't have any experience in this area and need some help! Is that a good offer? Is there a good local attorney anyone would recommend?

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That may or may not be a fair offer, the leasing market is always changing and is highly dependent on your leverage position. Talk to an attorney with experience! Give SR Law in Slippery Rock a call. They were helpful IMO.
Thank You! Will do.
I agree with Archer Man. I also use SR Law firm in Slippery Rock. You will find them to be very knowledgable. We have about 100 acres in Jefferson TWP between Lamor Rd. and 258 behind the nursing home on Lamor. You must he close by.

It's not a bad offer in today's leasing world. For what it's worth Hilcorp holds my HBP deep rights.

Thanks John!

Sounds like a fair offer! They must want to drill nearby. I highly recommend S.R. Law.

Brian, I have been talking back and forth to Western Land services for over a year now and they handle most of the leases for Hilcorp. I called today to see to check some updates about current leasing terms and bonuses, I told them about your offer and she said that offer is a lie, they aren't paying that high right now, did you get the offer from Western Land or Hilcorp directly? I know they were paying $3500 and 18% about 1 year or so ago and then dropped it to around $2000 and 15% when Halcon pulled out, thanks, James.


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