Anybody hear what happened out at the Eisenbarth well?

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I started a thread on the main page,  WTRF is reporting a fire,  the facebook like posted has several pics of the fire/smoke.

Large billowing clouds of black smoke.  Heard help was coming from Texas?  Big rig moved from there two weeks ago.  Understand evacuations have or are occurring.  We have read about it elsewhere, but this is close home.  Trust all will end well!

Yes our prayers go out to all involved.

Prayers for all concerned and especially my friends on Long Ridge.     

hopefully everybody is fine may God bless allit's always a very dangerous situation

reporting that fire was triggered by a vehicle.

Can someone post links to any news articles about this?

Wheeling Intellegencer july 1 issue,it also talks about how the eent destroyed the Opossum Creek watershed.

Finnbear, here is a link to local newspaper with some detail about the fire.  Interesting in the article that Statoil makes several statements about the environment and future problems.  Also have a friend who lives near there and says a dike is being built around the well area.

There are about eight pics of the fire posted on this Facebook page;  you may need a Facebook account to see I am not sure.   This is only place I have seen pics after the fire is out, lots of destruction.


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