My grandmother was contacted by Des Wertheimer in late November 2012 he was offering $5,000/acre & 17% after that. At that time we had some issues to clear up and were not able to attend some kind of meeting that he said she needed to go to. She has now asked me to handle this for her because she feels pressured by these kinds of negotiations. I have tried to contact Des Wertheimer many times via his phone but he has not returned my calls. I just want to help my grandmother out so any help you all could give would be very appreciated.

Thank you,

Alex Bakalas

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7+ acres in Clarington Ohio

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You can contact Des by email at e******************.


Do a search of this site on Des, he does not have a good reputation. Most knowledgeable people would advise you to stay away from him. Be glad he never returned your calls.

Thank you so much everyone.  I am very sorry I have not been online to respond, I have been very busy with a career change and I have not been able to sign on till now.  I will contact Eclipse ASAP and if anyone else has any ideas please let me know.  BTW I never did hear back from Des Wertheimer.... :-(

I am in a similar situation as well. My mother and I own 39 acres in Monroe Co., in Green Township off Co. Rd. 10A. We have not been contacted by any company. My mother thought she was included in the Eastern Monroe Landowner Group but we have not heard anything from them. I have tried to get a hold of John Lusk via email but have not heard back from him. How do I get in contact with the Eastern Monroe Landowner Group to make sure we are involved and included? It is difficult as an absentee landowner to know what is happening. Our land is lease- free. Any help or advice on the direction I should take would be appreciated. I hesitate contacting an energy company directly as I have no experience with this and would prefer to be in a landowner group. Thanks in advance, Todd Spence

Todd, I would recommend you contact Eclipse.

OK, thanks for the reply, Sam. I will do that.
Contacted Eclipse. They are not interested at this time. Still waiting to hear from landowner group...


I also am in Green twp. not far from your property.  However, I am wrapped up for now in the Beck Energy class action suit.  I have been talking to everyone I know in Green twp. that is involved with the Beck case and trying to get everyone to stick together.  You see, the case is affecting how the large O&G's are looking at us in Green twp.  They cannot make much of a move on this area because they want it all, and a large percentage is involved with the class action suit.  This suit should be decided this year, but who knows how it will come out, or if we will have much of a choice even if we win.  I fear they will force us to sign with XTO at the same deal Beck Energy did.  That was, $3500/acre with 18.75% royalty, which doesn't sound too bad, but if they give anything back to Beck it will cut into the landowners pockets.

Stay tuned!

Was that 18.75% gross, net or with market enhancement clause?

Thanks for the reply and information. I guess I will just wait it out and hope I don't get left out.

Todd,  With the amount of gas under Monroe County I don't think anyone will be left out in the long run.



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