My grandmother was contacted by Des Wertheimer in late November 2012 he was offering $5,000/acre & 17% after that. At that time we had some issues to clear up and were not able to attend some kind of meeting that he said she needed to go to. She has now asked me to handle this for her because she feels pressured by these kinds of negotiations. I have tried to contact Des Wertheimer many times via his phone but he has not returned my calls. I just want to help my grandmother out so any help you all could give would be very appreciated.

Thank you,

Alex Bakalas

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7+ acres in Clarington Ohio

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Any more information to share for the Clarington Ohio area.  I contacted Eclipse and they are going to wait on the sidelines to see how things progress in the area.  I also heard that Console and Triad are buying in my area..... Has anyone else heard that?  Interestingly my grandmother has started to receive unsolicited offers to buy the property and the rights....

Thank you

IMHO Tell your grandmother that getting the unsolicited offers to buy property and rights is a good sign for her, BUT keep the property and rights as its just the fast buck guys trying to make money.  I had someone offer to buy my property and his type of business dealings have been less than above board in Monroe Co for the past twenty years. 

Support your Grandmother, sit tight, there is money to be made and if she is feeling pressured there are people in Monroe who will support her.  Best not to think you have been left out as the "shale play" is only starting in Monroe.

All in my humble opinion.

I have heard Des is a shyster.  Tell Gma to sit tight.


BOP Land Services is leasing in Monroe.  They're working on several units in Perry, Center and Benton For EdgeMarc.

My family signed a lease with Greenwood Energy it is a deal with Gulfport. They are taking Green and center township. I am sure you could call them. We got $5800 per acre and 20% gross. Lease was better than any of the others we have seen.

Monroe county ohio twp big secret statoil dangle well 6 laterals 675 acres 2 years and can't find nothing out ?


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