I may have misstated that there was a Morgan Co landowners group.  More like a drilling unit.

I talked to our land man Saturday.  This is what he explained to me: He was writing leases in Meigesville township.  Someone told him of an area in Windsor township that didn't have any existing leases(low hanging fruit), so he sort of took it on his own to talk to some of my neighbors and we put the unit together.  I think we have signed close to 640 acres.    Our land man stated there was greater interest closer to the Ohio river and he is working in Washington County now.  What we need are a couple of producing Utica wells in the Morgan Co for things to heat  up.  Wow, listen to me..... 2 months ago I didn't know gas/oil wells from shineola.  

Gary C.

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leases are already bought in the area by the company that has gotten everyone paid.. check out the wheeling intellengencer at 


this site will take you to wishgard's press release that gave land owners over 60 million in monroe county.. deal with the companies that get you paid.. not the wishful thinkers...   call marie for more info.. 740-498-7221


There is a Morgan County Landowners Group that has formed. Their next meeting is on Oct 3 at 6:00 PM in the McConnelsville High School auditorium. It started in Meigsville Township, but has expanded to all in Morgan County. Their consulting attorney is Dick Emens of Emens & Wolper from Columbus Ohio.  Our guest speaker will be Mr. Larry Wickstrom, Chief of the Geological Survey, Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  He will be discussing the Utica formation and the latest information on it.


The goals of the MCLG are:
1) Educate the Community on Oil & Gas Leasing
2) Develop Landowner-friendly lease terms
3) Work directly with oil and gas companies through our attorney
4) Have patience and transparency throughout the process 

Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting.

Olin Hupp

Sorry, I should have said the meeting is at the Morgan County High School auditorium.


Olin Hupp

When you say "tree cutters" what are you refering to.? Timber harvesting.?

U can friend me, I'd like to talk to u..

Morgan County Landowner's Group @ www.mclg.org


Be sure to attend some of the landowner meetings before you lease your land to anyone.  There are carpetbaggers out there attempting to swindle uninformed landowners out of their land and royalties.

Morgan county is squarely in the oil window! Be patient and wait for the BIG money. They are getting almost $6000 and 21% royalty in Noble county and they are mostly wet gas. You may need to wait until late summer before you see that kind of deal. Only lease one level at one time. Dont give away everything at once. Its your oil so make them pay for it. Good luck. 


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