Yesterday I was passing Norwich headed east on I 70. Approximately 1-2 miles on the north side of  70/old 40 a drilling rig is set up.  At 65 mph I didn't get to get a good luck at  the setup and the rig  was partially hidden. The rig itself looked to be good sized.

Anyone have any information? 


thanks James T

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Small rig.  probably a shallow, vertical well.  I'll see if I can find out who it is,what it's about.

It's a Disposal well. 8300 ft. down.  51 acre unit. property owned by Carol Goff.

Cool. We need a few of those before major activity begins in our area.

Hey thanks bo.

yes it is Goff disposal well, owned by Heckmann water resources which was bought out by Nuverra enviromental solutions, the well goes into play monday October 7th, I am the night shift operator

Can anyone pinpoint this well site for me as to exact location? Sounds like just a few miles from me. Thanks


This well site is on old Halliburton's land on left hand side going west on rt. 40 right outside of Norwich(but Norwich address).  It sits behind the Linvale Estates subdivision. Homeowners there certainly don't care for the noise or the bright lights that it gives off 24/7-and since they aren't directly profiting from it, I can't blame them.  Unfortunately, in this case, it has effected many residents and the true landowner did not consider this result. I am a real estate agent living in Norwich. I hope this information is what you were referring to and was helpful.

Yep Brenda. I just returned home from a couple of days out and I see a smaller rig set up next to antique shop at base of my road. A stones throw from Zanesville Pottery and across the road from Goffs property also. Easily seen from I-70. Probably about mile marker 163 directly between 70 and 40. Not sure of owner. Saw a concrete apron for driveway poured a couple of weeks ago and a pad being cleared about a week ago. Might know more before day is out as I'll be running around in a bit.

Chris-  The small site I am talking about is farther east on rt 40 on the right hand side. Adjacent to the Advantage Trucking(west side).  Also adjacent to the Linvale Estates(on east side). Not sure what it exactly is and when it was constructed.

I certainly am certainly not anti-drilling, just concerned for residents there.

Ok, looks like Kilbarger Drilling. I think out of Logan area. Is an Ideco Rig, not very big.

Another disposal well. bout a mile from Carol Goffs  disposal well site. There's $$$ to be made by Muskingum county landowners this way!  They usually like sites like theses, close to interstates/Stae routes, easy access for lots of tanker trucks.


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