I live out of the area, but my family holds a large block of mineral rights in Muskingum county, mostly Brush Creek and Harrison townships.  Is there anything new going on in the area that I might not know about?  I would appreciate hearing any news, specifically regarding Muskingum and surrounding counties.  Thanks! 

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There are a few lease flippers in our area offering very little per acre. BEWARE! They will lease your land then sell your lease to an actual drilling company. There are several reasons why it's not real active in our area, but it will be! If you need some help and more information, check out some local help here: http://ohioshaleservices.com/

This article reflects what the near future holds for our area.  Be patient, as its sounds promising. Also at the bottom of this link there are two pages.


Thought I would add this link to help those get more insight as to what has developed and what is being projected. A lot to read, but a good resource of information.        Analysis Shale Formations Ohio. 


It appears Shell just recorded two new leases, 2013 Muskingum Co. in Madison and Perry Townships.

What's interesting is one borders State of Ohio Parks on two sides. The link below has a little info on the oil window.




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