Ok  ,have been reading about 2 mouths now , what the best price and percentage in Guernsey county .i have heard all kind of prices like $ 1850 -2000  and 16 %

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I am part of the JRM group,ECOL 12b,  and our offers are ranging from $2250@16% to $3000 @18%  This is in the northeastern townships.  some of my neighbors signed early at $1840,they were told sign up or miss out, glad I didn't listen to those folks.

Guernsey is looking good for the landowner groups.  

I have 57 acres and can add 30 more in Wills , 6 acres in Center ,  15 acres out side of Meddeboure in Wills .

I have been watching this since last fall and have attended six "meetings"
I also have six leases that I have read very carefully. I am not an attorney
but I can read. This is what I have so far with my $.02

OhTex - $40 - 12.5% Bad Lease - short addendum of no value
Amarado - $250-$500 - 12.5%  Bad Lease - short addendum of no value
Synergy/Patriot - $2000 - 14% (of the royalties)? -  confusing lease, calls for addendum but their is none
Sun O&G Exploration $2100+/- 15%+/- - Lease in development - group seems unorganized
Wishgard - $1600 - 15% - Better lease but still the old lease cobbled together with the exhibit
KWGD (Williams Group?) - $ and % to be marketed - Very Good Modern Lease no addendum needed

Other than that I've heard rumors of $2500 - $2800 in the last couple weeks.

The one thing that stands out in all of this is the importance of a good PUGH clause (horz & vert)
due to the way these wells are platted. If you go to the ALOV site http://alov.us/home.html
and download the "Portage-Suffield" map, the dilution of royalties becomes very apparent.

The most important thing to me is to get a good lease, I live on the property.
With all the activity in Guernsey County there should be 1000+ people on here

Who is the "JRM" group ?

Good Luck to all



The  ''JRM'' group is organized by Jim Milleson and his company Ohioacres4u LLC.  His company puts together educational meetings for landowners,helps them develope a solid base and then markets the acreage on behalf of the group.      

I've been contacted by Sun O and G twice last offer  was $2000 an acre with 15% royalties.  Problem is I'm not sure if I have and mineral rights or not on my deed.  I tried checking on it at the courthouse in 04 and we could not find anything about mineral rights.  We checked back to 1952 and there was nothing on the deed.  The lady said that since there was nothing listed, that usually ment the rights went with the property owner.  I'm not sure if she was full of BS or not. 


What do I need to do to find out if I have rights or not?  If there is nothing listed on the deed, do I have to file for them?



The lady was probably correct that if you find nothing to say differently there is a good chance that you have mineral rights.  However, you would likely need to go back farther in time than 1952 to research your mineral rights.  You can get an oil and gas attorney to check further back or try it yourself.  You would not have to file for them if you have them.  Keep in mind that if you do not have them, you can legally attempt to get them back.  The first step would be to run you search back a little further. 

OK, thanks.  This search back further can be done at the county records office, correct? So, if I find nothing to the contrary that states I do not have the rights, I should have them.  But do I need documentation that states I do have them, or is a plain deed that says nothing to the contrary enough?  I would think it should be noted on the deed to be able to sign a lease. 

Thanks again.  Anyone recommend a good attorney in Cambridge for this type of search?  My uncle is the County auditor and I going to talk to him to see if he can steer me in the right direction.

I would say you have them.  A friend of mine went to the county recorder's office and they said the same thing to her.  I also understand that if you work with an O & G, they will check out the mineral rights before they sign with you.  Might save you some bucks.  The O & G can spend some time and money if they want your lease.

any title company, abstractor or attorney can do a check.. it is just time.. even the county recording personel can assist you ...

Dave I have searched alot of titles it sounds like you should be ok. Mike and yes the oil and gas companies will check your title before you get paid

Hi Dave,

I have been dealing with this myself and can tell you that it is true. If the mineral rights have not been reserved with in the last 20 years then you own your mineral rights....We were told this straight from a lawyer from the KWGD group.



That is not true the minerals do not go back to the surface owner you have to claim them and you have to send certified notification to the last known mineral owner you also have to put notice in the local news paper this all takes 60 to 90 days provided you can find a attorney that will work that fast. The 20 year rule is if there has been no activity or lease on the acreage you can start the process to recover abandon minerals if durring the process some one clames them that can prove they have some ownership they can then file a preservation of mineral and they get the minerals. KWGD better review Ohio law if you are going to talk know what it is that you are talking about bad advice is worse than no advice at all. If you need more information on this I can get the statue number and you can do the reserch. Thanks Michael J Belaj 


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