Today Carrizo Oil & Gas announced that it is entering the Utica Shale Play by way of a Joint Venture with Avista Capital Partners. There are 15,000 acres involved and Carrizo is paying $1,500 per  acre for ONLY 10% interest. You do the math. What would the value per acre be for 100% interest?


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hello randall ,

yes I enjoy the posts and I hope you was able to get a good landowner friendly lease with chesapeake .

  Chesapeake has been my only option so far as I am located in a position that chesapeake has leased many properties near me and gulfport has some both east and west of me but the only one that has approached me to lease has been DPS penn that leases strictly for Chesapeake .

I had been in the Smith Goshen Group for a long time in hopes things would go well and I hoped to get a lease at least equal to the alov lease  but i knew i could never get many changes unless I stayed with a group for the clout they end up having .

The Dps Penns lease I have offered to me is not too bad except for a few clauses ,they want  the top to bottom control, the pad size allows for up  to 20 acres and there was no pugh clause unless the landowner had 60 acres or more and they would not make any changes to the lease .

I had heard once that Buckeye Minerals/Alov  was going to take add on for the deal they made around  December of 2011 from a few of the  townships which included  Warren,flushing ,part of Union in Belmont County but it turned out that they only wanted certain parts of Belmont county that was close to what they already owned and I was not accepted even though I still had the deep coal rights , and was about 300 yards from a large main natural gas line and 50 acres

it appears that in Belmont County there is not quite enough information to show the true point where the dry gas separates from the wet gas and oil areas yet but it looks as if Gulfport will be doing a unit in Somerset Township and they have a well going in Warren Township  and I was recently told they have popped some sort of well with a lateral in the Flushing area so this will give them a triangulated picture of the area so they will be proving up the area soon and this will control the lease value of the remaining un -leased properties in our area for sure .

even if Chesapeake ends up selling off some of the lease sthey control it would probably be to another of the big boys so it would still be good for the landowners

I am hoping I will get leased with a good lease sometime in the near future but it appeaprs they all have stalled out with the main idea of starting to produce whta they have to prove up the limits of the areas they control to develop a feasability study and a good game plan to move ahead in the most profitable manner .

Anyway best wishes and luck to you Randall and keep up the good work with the new information regardless of if it sounds good or bad . No matter how it comes out the ostrich theory does not work for any of us we need the truth and this enables us on how to proceed if we are still not leased .

Have a great weekend ,Mick

Dropping oil and NGL prices present a strong headwind for all companies, but especially Chesapeake. See the link...


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Wayne County"s first hrizontal well. See the link...


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More Federal Regulations coming on Fracking???? See link above!

Our 'None of the Above' administration marches on.

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A list of current articles on the Utica. Quite a few regarding Hillcorp and Nisource forming a joint venture to install gathering pipelines and a processing plant. See the link...


Thanks for the update.  This means a choice and competition for pipeline right of ways doesn't it?


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