From a reliable source, CHK is looking to sell all interest in Central Ohio

I wanted to pass along some information that was forwarded to me from a very reliable source. Looks as if CHK is looking to unload their interest in Central Ohio.  Has anyone heard this rumor?

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Drill Bit,

To be taken seriously you must give some citation to your "very reliable source".  That could mean just about anything.  Furthermore, what exact area (counties) do you mean when saying "Central Ohio"?  Was central Ohio even of any interest to Chesapeake?  From all I've seen, eastern Ohio is where their interest is and has been. 

Just released this morning. CHK finally releases their production numbers for the Ohio Utica Play. The Buell well does look great. Good news for Harrison Co.


I have read numerous places i.e. Seeking Alpha articles that they are looking either for a JV or merger. They have a lot of debt, but their recent results are upping the ante, hence Exxon's secretiveness.


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