Both Huntley and EQT are the larger lease owners in the above Twp. with Huntley being the largest and I should add, both are very good companies. Since a lot of flyers have been hitting both my and other landowners to buy our lease rights or portions there of, was wondering if any one knew what was going on here in the foreseeable future. Just curious and thanks Scott  

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Scott, my Dad has part interest in mineral rights on his inherited rights in Elizabeth township - apporoximately 107 acres. He was working with an Attorney, had a lease agreed upon and was in the process of signing when the oil/gas market tanked- thus EQT declined to sign the lease. Offer was 5000/acre 17% gross. Are you saying EQT is actively seeking to lease land currently in Elizabet township. So far no one has contacted my Dad.

What have you signed for per acre and royalty and what is currently be solicited?

Thanks Dale.

Forget the 5k and 17% for now and most likely into the future for next 2-3 years. The mailers I get are from bottom feeders because of the market conditions. Not saying that is bad and perhaps I would do the same however, they know something down the road is going to happen, but want to get in cheap. Really not worth the time for those that can sit it out for a few years. Your dad should have signed 18 months ago and it would be in your best interest now, to see who the properties around you have and where well head is going, that is very key in the scheme. Good luck! 


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