Does anyone know if Pike County PA has gas shale?

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Pike has shale, but probably not gas. I think exploration there will be after all other gas is located in the Marcellus.

My sense is you are correct.  Also, I believe Pike would fall into DRBC territory.  If I'm right, even if there were natural gas, it might never be developed.  DRBC territory within PA is, sadly, effectively under control of New Jersey and New York anti-drilling and anti-fracking zealots.

Has anyone been following the fracking fracas ongoing in New Jersey.  They have no gas.  But they are scared s**tless of fracking just the same, to the point of trying to pass law banning the practice.  They are truly insane . . . and clueless.  Their time would be better spent lying around all day curled up in a fetal position murmuring "mama".

Formation is present (Marcellus) but is surfaces along Rt. 209 - my guess is overcooked.  Probably some gas - just not significant gas in the Marcellus.


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