I was happy to get my water tested today for free by a independent water tester.  SAIC filled 14 bottles for testing.  They told me every land owner will be offered this service in Bradford County.  Thanks Chespapeake for this service!  Im sure you saved me hundreds of dollars.  I never had my water tested before and it will give me  peace of mind to know my water is safe.  As a land owner living in midst of a hot bed for drilling, I can honestly say I have no complaints.

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Thanks JB,  You too.  I hope things go smooth here.  I will be glad when they are finished

I second jb

I just read Denice's post and i will have to agree with one thing she said.  She is involved with chemicals what kind I don't know LOL

We can facilitate testing -but if the gas company offers free testing - let them sample.  We also offer a program to review the data for free.  Keystone Clean Water Team

We also have a really guide educational booklet.

Brian, PG


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