We have not signed a lease but have been in communication with Hawkeye Research. Any intel would be appreciated.

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I know of Hawkeye. I believe they are just flippers. Have you tried Noble or Antero? Message me and I will give you who to call. At least who we are talking to.

I've sent a friend request so that I may message you.

Jim is right about being flippers. They are a company that does title search and other legal work for companies. Before I knew better, they sent me a document to amend a lease to increase the unit size, and I just signed it. It was for an EQT old lease, and was no secret they were working for EQT. 

If you go here : https://www.uslandrecords.com/wvlr/controller  which has the online index and deeds, leases, etc. for Ritchie County from 1985 to present, 

and put Hawkeye into the name search, you see just a few deeds for property in Harrisville, near the courthouse. 

They are a good company in that they are generous donors to the local community, but not anyone you want to lease with. They might be willing to tell you who they are leasing for. 

Jim is also right about Noble and Antero being actively leasing. Antero is the most active. EQT is also getting leases in the county. You can search the US Land Records, the website I mentioned above. 

You can also go here : 


 and check the weekly reports to see what is being permitted, also cancelled and plugged, and well records. You need to dig some to see the district, but almost all of the new permits are in Clay. 

There is also this website


which seems a little behind, but which has a lot of info including an easy to use map of where the new wells are.

If you check these out regularly, like I do, it takes a lot of time but provides a lot of good info. The more you know, the better off you will be with the companies.

Do not sell out your neighbors' and your own health, and descendants' water supply, for a handful of beans that will be gone almost (but not quite) before they are, promising you'll get your back royalties.

-minus "Production and transportation" FEES, of course.

Meanwhile 90% of the poison stays under the ground propelled by tens of thousands of PSI pressure to find paths into the aquifer, through the hundreds of thousands of unknown  abandoned and deteriorated, uncased wells in Ritchie County.

And the other 10%, that came back up additionally radioactive, sits in abandoned cancer ponds to give you painful breathing and nosebleeds as it offgasses.

Will the industry claim that's ridiculous and trivial, even untrue? Of course they will.

It is - to them.

But just ask the Doddridge residents - those who haven't already taken the loss of their devalued property and bugged out. Take a scenic, thrill-packed ride on Porto Rico Road.

And don't forget to breathe deeply.

geez Mr. Wizard...  please provide us a source or two where the hydraulic fracing,  that has occurred for the last 50-60 years,  have polluted any potable water anywhere.. 

get ahold of Tom badget or paul reese... hawkeye is history.. those two guys are paying now.. 

1.) This is NOT "the hydraulic fracing, that has occurred for the last 50-60 years"
That was not TODAY's chemical "slickwater" fracturing, done by poisoning billions of gallons of water PERMANENTLY, and then leaving most of that poison under the ground - 6-8 million gallons, per multiple frack, of each well, 10-12 wells per pad, 6-12 two-mile horizontal bores per well.
That's a LOT of poison, even at 1% BTEXs (legally class 1 carcinogens.) Then there's the highly concentrated 10% (national total over a trillion gal./yr.! http://www.minnpost.com/earth-journal/2014/02/frackings-impacts-wat... ) that's left in surface ponds to evaporate those BTEX (+heavy metals, arsenic and NORMs, etc.)fumes into the air for us to breathe - and we can't escape it! 24/7, night and day.
Then there's the immense scale of these operations, industrializing rural areas and completely dwarfing towns and residential areas for many miles, with huge truck traffic and destruction of roads and infrstructure (cf. again, rt 18S frm 50. IMPASSABLE and destroys your car, while miles of fumes kill livestock, wildlife-carcinogenic deer meat and fish- and pets, and give kids and seniors nosebleeds and eventual cancer.)
THAT's what your thirty pieces of silver (or at least the "promise" of it, good luck collecting) are doing, to your descendants' (and your neighbors') land and water - and frgetever grwing edible food in those millions of spoiled miles of land. A test in the GW Nat'l Forest proved nothing will grow or live anywhere frack fluid has been.

2.) You asked. Sources are given by the publishers (unlike industry propaganda, which comes only from THEIR OWN DATA which they present to the gov't, which then uses them in "studies"):
And "Fracking " I (and most people since 2004, including the Pennsboro City Council and Mayor,who BANNED it when it started in Washington County PA and Bush/Cheney's EPA refused to protect us from it,) use, as a general term for ALL ACTIVITIES involved in gas drillng today.
The industry lies by limiting "studies" to the actual moment a well is fracked - even though thousands of gallons of chemicals have been spilled in storage, multiple transfers(including highly concentrated chemicals,) and transport; and in "produced water" open "evaporation" storage in vast cancer ponds; have widely poisoned the land, ground water, and even the air we have to breathe..

BTW- They can;t "just do it anyway even if you don't take their money"

-Leaving poison under your land  (ie fracking) is "Damage" and therefore "Actionable Trespass" in WV.  http://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=c7e610ff-d7d1-4cbc-b1...

I can't WAIT for them to try going under our land!
Meet the new owner of Antero.


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