wondering if anyone knows of any drilling in the cairo area in ritchie co.off of silver run road.

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Hi, My property is  also along Silver Run road, I am interested.


We have some small acreage near Silver Run also. Unleased. I thought most of the activity was farther to the east, over in Clay district.

There is drilling in Clay district, but I have not found any activity near us. Have you ever read/heard anything negative about our area?  In the past, pipeline limitations have  slowed drilling close by, but recently, there seems to be increased capacity. I have finally started getting some gas production from my shallow wells again, they have been almost shut in for the last couple of years.

We have some wells on Goose Creek that seem to be doing about the same for the last several years (since I inherited in 2006 and started noticing). Somebody wanted to lease us near Gillespie Run area in 2011 but that didn't work out. I think the price of natural gas being so low  and the information I have seen about the wet gas area of the Marcellus shale being more in the Clay and Union districts have made companies reluctant to start new projects in the dry gas area like Grant and most of Murphy. 

That's the same thing with the wells on our property,they have not been producing very well the last couple of years

In the last week's issue of the Pennsboro News there were 4 notices by Triad Hunter for permits near Rutherford, which is in Grant district but south of the Cairo area. Near the Gillespie Run area. Notices have to run for 3 weeks for the public to be able to comment, then the company can apply for a permit. This is the first I have seen in Grant district in a long time. The 4 potential wells were in the same area so probably part of a drilling unit. Could be the beginning of good things for this area of the county. Clay district and Union have been getting all the action for awhile.


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