I had a call from Jennifer Garrison, Atty. @ Law, yesterday telling me that she is establishing an office in Elizabeth, Wirt County, which will also cover Ritchie County.She is the Atty. who last year represented the people in Marietta and southeast Ohio to

get great leases for their minerals with great landowner protections.  She said the leasing and drilling is heading our way and I have seen landmen trying to lease cheaply , early on, so they can flip the leases (they aren't saying this) and make lots of money for themselves.  I have an appointment with her Elizabeth office next week when it opens.  My phone# is 304-481-4589              

                                                                                                           Martha Vincent

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Hi Martha.

That's good news. We live in southern Ritchie Cty., but our minerals here were leased out decades before we bought this place. 

Will she be covering Calhoun or Gilmer, as well? 



I'm not sure about that Ken.  I do know that she'll be covering Wirt and Ritchie.  I'm excited about that.  I feel that we all can get a much better contract with her.  She has a board including 2 Columbus, Oh. attorneys, and Bob Chase, the Petroleum engineering Head at Marietta College.  They all have lots of Oil and Gas contacts.        Martha Vincent  

I just found out Monday (6/30), Ken, that Calhoun County is included in Jennifer Garrisons new group that she is going to represent.   The Counties in this group are Ritchie, Wirt, Calhoun, Wood, and Jackson.               Martha

Here we go again...  as Jennifer and her cohorts all attempt to be the middleman they claim to not like..  sure.. if she is good a getting you money.. lets see her write the check...

I know several of the people she served in her Marietta group and the check came in like clockwork.  And her fee is extremely reasonable.

Martha, I am paying attention here, but waiting to see what  develops. I have about 650 ac off the Cairo/Cisco road.This week, I received a notice that EQT Production Co. was doing a plat survey under a 109 ac lease I own but I don't control the leasing rights too. (It was leased many years ago and is controlled by production. I am waiting to see if I am contacted about the leasing rights I do control next to the 109. Things seem to be starting to move.

Jennifer Garrison seems like a good resource.


Good luck to you.  Let me know how that turns out.   Martha

Hi Bruce - had a similar situation as you with a lease HBP that EQT wanted to drill horizontal wells. The HBP wells were old vertical wells dating back to the early 1900's and they still negotiated with us on a acreage bonus but the old 12.5% royalty and production costs, they would not re-negotiate. Their land men told us that those terms could not be re-negotiated but I've come to find out that their comments were a blatant lie. Best advice is to find a good lawyer and with the large amounts of acreage in what appears to be in the same general location, you should have a good negotiating position. Good luck and interested to hear how things pan out for you.

I am seeing some action in Ritchie. EQT is now or has just done some surveys on all three of my leases, and I have also received an offer to purchase my mineral rights from a WV company.

Has anybody else seen anything happening?


I think EQT and Antero are trying to fill in owners where they have some leases. Same with Noble but they are mostly in the very northern part.

Go to www.uslandrecords.com and select West Virginia, then select Ritchie and choose a recent range of dates, Put in EQT or Antero and see how many entries there are. You can look at the summary of the document, and see where the tracts are that are being leased.

Thanks Nancy. Any idea of lease rates in my area or Ritchie Co in general?

In the areas they want now (mostly Clay district near Tyler or Doddridge i.e. northeast, and Union near Doddridge) maybe between $2000 and $3000, at least a few months ago. They are using the "excuse" that the price of natural gas and oil is down so bonus money is down. However these prices are cyclic and will go up again, just no certainty when.

There is at least a little interest in Grant district.


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